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April 15, 2016

We’ve got a fair few weeks to go before flowers start popping up around the city, but Spring is definitely in the air. So today, I bought a dozen roses –– fucsia and tangerine –– in celebration. It’s Antimo’s 5th birthday this weekend, so they’re for him, too. Of course, all he wants to see is a double decker chocolate cake and a pile of presents. And what a lovely room for a birthday tea party this would be. Until a little Ninja decides to turn the vase into a helmet.







Neck & Neck

April 15, 2016

I’ve got a few pots on the go right now, and next week, I’d like to make some porcelain beads for a necklace. Picasso made a great ceramic necklace for his wife, Jacqueline Roque that has inspired me. I also love the work of Katy Krantz. Her collaborations with Mociun are a lovely, textured mix of turquoise, terracotta and brass beads strung on long pieces of leather and suede.  Oh where, oh where did we find inspiration before Pinterest…..



Art Attack

April 13, 2016

The clothes of eco-friendly designer, Olya Glagoleva are wearable works of art. Made in collaboration with artist Lisa Smirnova, her intricately embroidered tops and dresses would be as at home on a wall as they would be on a woman’s body. Some pieces, made from recycled denim, organic cotton and cashmere, take up to 100-hours of to make. This smock is part of her Artist at Home collection and with its lightweight cotton, and quirky hand-embroidered creatures, it’s just the sort of thing I would live in. As for the jeans, my kids need to get to work on mine.



Blue Period

April 12, 2016

Blue and white is a beloved combination of mine –– azure shutters on sugar cube houses, lapis rims on bone white china, and a bright blue sea that meets white sand. This mural by LA artist RETNA was a commission by the Pasadena Museum of California Art and is just the sort of art I love to see. The colours, the scale, the hieroglyphs, I love it all. I want massive plates or bolts of fabric covered in Retna’s paleography.





The White House

April 11, 2016

I’ve always loved white houses, especially the ones around Belgravia that look like wedding cakes, with their Corinthian columns and grand terraces. When I lived in London, I knew a girl who lived in a house that was as large and fancy and creamy as a wedding cake. I remember going there once or twice in my teens, and feeling like I was walking into the White House. Annie had big, bouncy curls and wore a court jester’s hat, and unlike the exterior of her home, she was far from traditional. I wish I could remember more about the interior, but I do recall a claret coloured wall covered in Annie’s Picasso inspired plates. I have loved white houses ever since, with or without the picket fence.


Child Art

April 8, 2016

Just because it’s a nursery, doesn’t mean the art needs to be babyish. Becca Stadtlander’s charming illustrations would look wonderful in a child’s bedroom. Think painted teapots, goldfish, and a plate filled with strawberries and cream. Of course, my personal favourite is this mermaid gathering, and what baby wouldn’t want to see kites flying above hear head when she wakes up from a siesta?







April 7, 2016

I can’t remember the last time I wore a pair of earrings, so long in fact, that the piercings have closed up. If I were ever to brave the gun again, it would be for something spectacular, like Taffin diamonds or a pair of JAR oriental pearl pendants. More realistic, are Rebecca de Ravenel’s bonbons, hand-embroidered in India and covered in iridescent, metallic and multi-coloured beads. My choices would be raspberry, tutti or mint to wear out of sight of toddlers who grab at all things pretty and dangly.







Summer Love

April 6, 2016

If I lived in California, I’d dress like a gypsy 365-days of the year. Of all the clothes that I own –– a wardrobe that covers two and a bit decades and most climates –– it’s the caftans and smock tops and loose fitting cotton pants, that I feel most at home in. It’s no wonder Ulla Johnson speaks to my heart, with her embroidered moo moos, ultra soft denims and delicate peasant dresses pretty enough for prom. I’ve come to appreciate winter, and accept that it snows in Spring, but my heart, my heart belongs to summer.







The Eyes Have It

April 5, 2016

I’ve talked before here about my love of the work of Francesco Clemente, specifically his portraits. These ones of super models, photographed by Jason Schmidt for US Harper’s Bazaar, are stunning. We’ve come to know these faces so well, so it’s interesting to see familiar features (Christie’s nose, Linda’s eyes) highlighted, exaggerated, distorted even. A new way to see super models, indeed.




Off the wall

April 4, 2016

Our handyman, Rawlie would be appalled to see the sloppiness with which I hang a picture (bash, bash –– oops – there goes a chunk of plaster). Years ago, he spent a day hanging 30-odd pictures, plates and baskets on the wall alongside our staircase. It looks great, even with a few of my lopsided additions. I’m a huge fan of picture walls, especially when it’s not just pictures on show. A combination of mirrors, photographs, paintings, ceramics, records and masks is always a feast for the eyes. The key is your very own Rawlie to assemble it all.



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