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December 20, 2016

Every now and then, I’ll  scroll through pictures and stories from a chic Vogue wedding . The dresses! The flowers! The guest list! The energy and love at stylist Solange Franklin’s wedding to Brian Reed is palapable. And I love her whole look. “We had such a rowdy hora that we broke one of the beautiful vintage chairs we rented for the day,” she said. “We lied and told our rental place we didn’t know how it broke, but the truth is it’s because at the end we both sat in it together as our guests hoisted us. Anyway, today the one-armed chair sits regally in our bedroom, because we now own it.”




Fruit of the Loom

December 15, 2016

I came across these stunning wall hangings today, created by Los Angeles based artists Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak. They’re a mix of metal, wood, fibre and ceramic, and combine mellow, muted tones with bright, pops of colour. They’d suit a boho decor as much as they would a minimal one. In fact, I think they’d be right at home anywhere.



December 14, 2016

The upside of a flat-as-a-pancake chest is that I can pull off bodices like this dreamy Schiaparelli number. Between the stars and the moon and the Fasiano profile, there’s a lot going on. A cleavage would send it all over the edge. I’m a little smitten with the bodice on this technicolour dress, and this one is to die for. And we’re here picking favourites, let’s talk about the magical winter wonderland that is this champagne beauty.



Match Point

December 13, 2016

You know those restaurants that give you mints with the bill, those are the restaurants I loved as a child. The Chinese restaurant in Mayfair that we were regulars at gave out After Eights, while our burger joint on Park Lane had a large fish bowl of white mint balls by the front door. They also gave away branded matches, something you don’t see much anymore. Mints! Matches! What a stash to walk away with! My father had heaps and heaps of matches that he’d collected on his various travels. I still think retro matchbooks would make a great table top. My friend Stephanie has a gazillion of them. I’ve got a few –– from Claridges and The Plaza –– special ones that are hard to throw away. I’ve also got matchbooks from various weddings. If I ever have a guest loo, there will always be chic matches in the soap dish.



Story of Seeds

December 12, 2016

At the City of Craft event on the weekend I came across some lovely pottery made by local artist, Japneet Kaur. Her hand built pieces –– bowls, teacups, plates and spoons –– are charming and crudely formed, with their makers fingerprints clearly visible in the clay’s memory. Drawn in pencil, are what can only be described as whimsical myths, fables and fairytales of love, friendship, discovery and loss. A child rides her bicycle while her mother weaves yarn alongside her. A man and his wife sit beside one another, with a nest of three unhatched eggs on their heads. Kaur is hosting an event this Sunday at her home and studio in Little Portugal. It’s the prefect place to pick up something whimsical for the loves on your list.



In the clutch

December 9, 2016

I’m often on the lookout for little gifts –– a gesture of thanks for a teacher, friend or babysitter –– something small and cheerful that says, “ta very much.” Pouches and clutches are always a hit, and these ones over at Togetherness Design are just lovely. That this is called a dumpling purse, in the shape of little Polish pierogi, makes me like it even more. And this one looks like a Moroccan tile. The illustrations are pretty sweet, too. And who doesn’t need a tea towel with turtles and crocodiles on it?


Let’s meringue

December 8, 2016

We all know I’m not much of a baker, but I do like the rustic charm of this Christmas pavlova with sugared cranberries and orange and citron slices. It’s too laborious for me to make, but I could certainly improvise. My Mum often has meringue on hand during the holidays –– a mound of snow on which to sprinkle berries, nuts, flakes of chocolate and specks of golf leaf. It’s an easy peasy pudding option that takes minutes to throw together. And who doesn’t like meringue?



Artist’s Residence

December 7, 2016

It’s a fun pastime to peek into other people’s homes, particularly ones belonging to architects, designers and artists. If you have a few moments today, you may want to escape to the northern Tramuntana hills of Majorca into the home of fashion show producer, art director and designer Alexandre de Betak. When he couldn’t find an old house, he decided to build one. “I spent the first year and a half buying windows and doors and beams and tiles and rocks.” Milanese designer, Italo Rota’s apartment is packed with collections and curiosities. “They are provisional or impromptu collections that I put together because I have a fleeting interest.” His house was once a Christmas bauble factory. “I get regular moments of unbelievable pleasure in this house,” says sculptor Daniel Chadwick of his Victorian mansion in the Cotswold Hills.  Nowness creates such wonderful series, and this series is really inspiring. Plus, they’re short enough to step inside at least six homes over breakfast.



Glaze Amaze

December 6, 2016

Making things out of clay is one challenge –– glazing them is quite another. Next semester, I’d like to play with blocks of sorbet colours applied with a thick brush on a white background. These pretty buildings will be inspiration. I’d like to try my hand at plates again also, with these, these and these guiding the way. It’s all much harder than it looks, and glaze can make or break the piece (as I’ve discovered through many fails this semester). But when a winner comes out of the kiln, clay turns to gold.



December 5, 2016

December is the month for sequins. Add a sequin shoe, or a sparkly collar to your all-black office attire and you’re ready for a Christmas party. I’ve got a sequin cape that I’ve had for years that I may pull out this year. It’s black and deco-inspired and looks just as good over a long sleeved t-shirt as it does a little black dress. This Trompe L’oeil one is very Gucci, and at $40 you could justify bringing it out just once a year.


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