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February 20, 2019

I was taken by these beautiful flower photographs, shot by Japanese photographer, Kazuma Ogawa. The Iris in particular, is so breathtaking. They come and and go so quickly, just a few weeks at the end of May, but Irises really are a grand and whimsical bloom. We have five or so in our front garden, and in a leafy garden, their petals feel like a gift.

party dress

February 19, 2019

What a delightful frock! My three-year-old daughter has dresses similarly celestial, romantic and I feel I must have one, too. The pink is so pretty, but I think I’ll look like the Good Witch of the North. Best go with nude. Now, what to wear underneath? A simple slip, or a white t-shirt and denim shorts?


February 19, 2019

The Fig House is a private event space in Los Angeles that hosts cocktails parties, weddings, exhibitions etc in a setting that’s playful and charming, both indoors and out. With its jewel toned velvet sofas and chairs, the lounge area is positively jubilant. And the garden –– think graphic tiles, mid century furnishings and fancy topiary –– is just as fun. The interior was spearheaded by designer, Emily Henderson. Here, she talks about the process of creating all the beautiful stained glass windows. Such a happy space.



February 16, 2019

Just for a moment, because it’s cold and slushy outside, and we’re paler than usual, and likely fending off a virus or two, let’s imagine ourselves belly deep in salt water, sun on our faces, and the prospect of an al fresco fish lunch ahead of us. Now, doesn’t that feel lovely? Thank-you Audrey, for always being a Roman holiday/ breakfast at Tiffany’s moment when I need it.

pink house

February 15, 2019

Just look at this darling pink house in Sweden! Its owner, Lisa Bengtsson designs wallpaper for a living, and many of the designs around the house are her own. I love the jewel toned knobs in the hallway, and that fireplace is a bit of a dream. The mix of heirlooms, with modern pieces and practical IKEA works so well. It’s all so warm and whimsical.

san valentino

February 14, 2019

I met my husband on Valentine’s Day, in the canteen of the Florentine language school we were both enrolled at. I was wearing a white French Connection t-shirt, black crêpe tuxedo trousers and black biker boots. The magnetic pull was so strong, that I crossed the room to talk to him. I don’t remember much of what what we said, but I do know that I called my Mum later and left a rambling message about the beautiful man I’d just met. I’d told her that he had silver hair, which sent her into a flat spin because she thought he was 55. That part always makes me laugh. He was 21. I was 19. He danced the Macarena that evening, in front of everyone in the canteen. This was an anomaly, I later realized. As was the whole day.

cut above

February 12, 2019

I haven’t had a haircut in over a year, as made obvious every time I catch a glimpse of myself hair down in the mirror. It’s long and straggly, and the tips are drier than toast. Up, it just looks like a nest of feathers and twigs. I’m considering another lob, something that forces me to wear it down for a few months, and maybe a highlight or two. The dream haircut is Mia Farrow’s in the Sinatra years, but I’m not brave enough for anything that drastic. But I must do something, before a bird comes to hibernate.

never a bridesmaid

February 11, 2019

To my great disappointment, I’ve never been a bridesmaid. I kind of love the idea of the ile flottant dress, and all the frothy trimmings that go with it. I love the idea of a gaggle of girls, in matching up-dos, crammed into the backseat of car. All my close friends either opted for no bridesmaids, or tiny ones in fairy wings. I get it. Eight shrimp coloured frocks is not for everyone. I didn’t go to a prom –– it’s not a thing in England –– and I was never part of a fancy bridal party, so clearly, I’m aching to wear the Molly Ringwald gown. My neighbour has one in Disney cake pink, so maybe I’ll just borrow that, and prance around the house in it.

house party

February 8, 2019

Charleston, in East Sussex was the bucolic getaway of the Bloomsbury Group. The farmhouse was owned by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant and was a hotbed of creativity activity. House & Garden writes that, “almost as soon as Vanessa and Duncan moved into Charleston, they began to paint, not just on canvas, but over every available surface – walls, of course, but also tables, chairs, bedheads and bookcases; all glowed with swirls and spirals of colour and pattern, full of life and vitality, that was as far from the conservative, conventional interior decoration of the time as it was possible to be.” It’s now a museum, and one I’d love to visit. Just look those two flamboyant caryatids painted by Duncan Grant on the mantle piece in the studio. And what about the colouful tub in that green bathroom, or the kitchen cupboards painted by Vanessa Bell. Who needs a canvas when you’ve got walls! And if they talked; gosh, the stories they’d tell.


February 7, 2019

I love the mix of antique furnishings, rich textiles, flea market paintings, bric-a-brac and objets d’art in John Derian’s East Village home. Derian’s esthetic is singular; his NYC shops are brimming with all things curious, magical and eccentric. If I could have anything from this home, it would be everything, plus the kitchen sink. Here’s to theatrically high floral arrangements, old lady plates and eight fabrics in one room!

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