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sugar and spice

September 17, 2019

I’ve gushed before about this Waterworks tap. It’s not the most efficient design for a modern home, but oh my, it is beautiful. I love all the natural materials, and soothing simplicity of this kitchen. The handmade mugs, cutting boards, and copper mug add such charm. Of course, a kitchen must be practical in design, but there’s no need to forfeit every fancy for function.


September 16, 2019

The Birdcage, the version with Kenneth Lane and Robin Williams, is one of my favourite films. It makes me laugh out loud. The first time I saw the film was in a seedy little motel room in Tijuana. Jason and I were driving to San Bernardino after a week in Baja California and for some reason, goodness knows why, we decided to pit-stop in Tijuana. We didn’t leave the motel, for fear of getting shot, and instead, sat in the room watching the one channel we could get decent reception on. I remember the owner of the motel, yanking the antenna about, trying to get the t.v. to work. We still laugh about it. The film. The place. And since then, whenever I catch it on the tele, I can’t not watch. Kenneth Lane’s white clogs. I’m in stitches every time.


September 13, 2019

Pat Brown was my Dad’s secretary. She took care my grandfather’s affairs before him. She worked with my family for over twenty five years. Her hair was always in a low bun, and she wore plaid skirts that fell just below the knee. She held her own in an office of demanding men. Every year at Christmastime, Pat Brown would give my brother and I a 25 pound gift voucher for Fortnum and Mason. It was such a generous gift from a woman of modest means. We’d get on the bus up to Piccadilly and make our way around the grand department store in search of something special. Most years, I’d end up in the cosmetics department on the top floor, where I’d spend my money on two luxurious soaps or a fancy bubble bath. One year, I bought myself one of those magnifying mirrors. I can’t think why we never splurged on tea for two. It was such a lovely gesture, likely too thoughtful for two teenagers. But I appreciate it now.

pot head

September 13, 2019

Aren’t these vases by Danish artist, Lone Hjørnet just lovely! Such whimsy, such sense of humour. I want to fill one with pink hydrangeas and put her on my mantle piece. Her beau can have a cheerful, green pot plant coming out of his noggin’!

the huntress

September 11, 2019

I like this 1929 photograph by G. Riebecke –– she reminds me of a modern day Artemis. Around the same time, Swiss photographer, Herbert Matter shot his “archer” portrait. Another Artemis. I’d love to own both photographs, and hang them side by side.

breaking bread

September 9, 2019

What a beautiful image this is of Iranian women sharing a lunch after planting rice. I’m inspired to bring friends together for cucumbers, feta, Sangak and Tadig. Once in a while, my friend Sara Kutchesfahani’s mum would invite me over for dinner. She was such a wonderful cook. My mum’s best friend Delara is also Iranian. Her tahdig is the best I have ever tried. It’s so laborious to prepare, but I’d love to try to make it.

fine line

September 9, 2019

I like the subtle asymmetrical details in this room, the sphere and the cylinder, the hydrangea and tulips, the drawer versus the opening in the side tables, the trees above the headboard. It’s such a polished, elegant room, and these details bring unpredictability and play.


September 6, 2019

What a playful apartment this is. From the dining room table and chairs, to the terrazzo island, to the mishmash of whimsical lights, this place is brimming with originality. The master (photographed) is brilliant, with its pops of bright colour, headboard/desk combo and cool brass sconces. I love the fireplace in the living room and the warm, honey-hued wood throughout. Style in droves.

laguna verde

September 5, 2019

I came across this photo of Laguna Verde, at the south most tip of Bolivia today. “It is one of several striking coloured lakes, including the Laguna Colorada, where the fiery red waters and arctic-white shores (a result of salt and borax deposits) contrast with the colour of the lake’s three species of breeding flamingos,” says the Telegraph’s travel writer, Tim Jepson. Butch Cassidy, and the Sundance Kid are buried in the cemetery of a local village, San Vicente and the lake is backed by the dormant 19,555ft Licancábur volcano. Let’s go.

june to september

September 5, 2019

I love June. I got married in June, and gave birth to my first child in June. I love the spontaneity that opens up when school ends, and we lay in the grass, eat dinner under stars and run out for impromptu ice creams sandwiches at 9 p.m. I love that I can count on sunshine, and that my summer wardrobe, the only wardrobe I care about, is in full swing. After months of schlepping three children from swimming to gym to dance to playdates, I love that we have no afternoon commitments. And that really, we could climb the CN tower, or drive to Lake Erie if we wanted to. Just the possibility is a high. I also love September, because after months of spontaneity and lazy routines, and let’s be frank, a lot of whining and bickering and boredom, we all need structure. We’re craving it, as much as we craved spontaneity in June. We clipped thirty toe nails today, and washed our children’s hair, and sent them to bed while the sky was still light in preparation for the new school year. Two and half months is a long time to be away from it all. Maths. Recess. After school basketball. They’re ready. As are we.

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