a wave

February 9, 2018

I made a bowl a couple of weeks ago that cracked before it even reached the kiln. I’d spent a fair amount of time on it, so I wasn’t ready to bin it. I started carving, smoothing down the edge and creating an undulating rim that followed the line of the crack. And then it cracked again. And again. Thankfully, the second and third cracks were small enough that I was able to keep smoothing them down. I was amazed that it made it through its first firing. I painted the body bone white, and the outer rim bright blue, to accentuate the bowl’s story. It looks like a wave against a stark white backdrop. It made it through the second firing with just a few surface cracks. I was so pleased. Pottery is a continuous lesson in letting go –– but sometimes it’s worth embracing the cracks and seeing where they lead.


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