October 9, 2018

If I liked pottery that is perfectly straight, tight and symmetrical, I’d be shit out of luck. Instead, I lean towards work that shows the markings and mistakes of its maker. I like wonky rims and irregular patterns. I like disproportions. Lucky for me, my aesthetic lines up with up my ability. And with aspects of my nature, too. I’m a sloppy cook, and I rarely wear clothes that match. I brush my hair only when I feel a massive knot coming. And a lot of what I’m drawn to –– paintings, people, places –– is weird, quirky and flawed. But like all of us, I’m a contradiction, with another side that’s conservative, rigid and disciplined. I swim three times a week, for 35 minutes at a time, and I relish in routine and hospital corners. So to find areas where I feel free, and where I can explore my inner wabi sabi, is exciting to me.


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