Sofa so good

January 29, 2018

I’ve spent the last few days horizontal, nursing flu-ey symptoms with chicken broth, ginger tea and countless epsiodes of This Is Us. Thankfully, we have two very comfortable sofas to recline on. That said, if I was ever wanting to splurge on a third, this would be it. It’s ridiculously over the top and perfect for convalescing on.

bed skirt

January 23, 2018

This is such a pretty idea for a valence –– a large piece of lace fitted to the box spring. I like the headboard also, with its lovely carvings. And while the whole look is fitting for a farm house, I think some colourful throw cushions and a chartreuse quilt would give the room a bit of a twist.

home away

January 17, 2018

Look at this heavenly space in Melbourne –– designed as a studio/short term rental. The white and bright is accented by antique lights, African sculptures, gilded mirrors and bold, graphic textiles. What fun to live in the pages of Elle Decor, for a few days, at least.  Everything is for sale, everything but the kitchen sink.

fruit of the loom

January 15, 2018

I came across the gorgeous weavings of Melbourne-based designer, Tammy Kanat today. Her work is so colourful and richly textured, it’s hard not to be drawn to it. It’s one of her circular pieces that I’d really love to see hanging on my wall. No doubt, each one is hours and hours of work. Gunta Stölzl and Shiela Hicks are major inspirations, as are the changing colours of her garden. Have a look at her Instagram feed. Kanat is amazingly prolific, and there’s beautiful variety to her work. I’m inspired to do a weaving workshop –– how fun would that be?

Hotel tonight

January 11, 2018

One of the perks of staying at a hotel, (or an airbnb, for that matter) is experimenting with an aesthetic that is totally different to your own. I don’t want to live in a minimalist space, but I love the idea of a weekend in oneThe Hotel De Witte Lelie in central Anwerp caught my eye, but the wild mix of print, texture and colour is all too much to live with, even by my standards. A day or two, in the stunning presidential suite, I could happily sink into though. Now, how to steal the pink velvet sofa and crystal chandelier?

be my guest

January 10, 2018

This is a lovely little guest bedroom. I like the bedding, and I like the flowers and oversized books on the side-table. This is just the sort of guest bedroom I’d love to have if our house was a little bit bigger. Much grander, and worth perusing, are these magnificent guest rooms over at Elle Decor. Pick a favourite (mine is the lovely twin under the eaves at designer, Michael Maher home).

handmade tale

January 9, 2018

These vases by Cécile Deladier are so beautiful. Each one is created with a specific flower in mind –– hyacinth, narcissus, honeysuckle and hellebores. At home in Paris, Deladier works with her architect husband, Nicolas Soulier on jardin miroirs, a collection of glass-iron sculptures designed to collect water. Take a look at her work, here.


January 2, 2018

After ten days in our small, dark basement, my Mum moved into the Four Seasons for a day for bright sunlight, silence and frette linens. We hung out for the afternoon — me reading magazines in bed, and the children splashing about at the spa. If not for this buggar of a cold, I would have come swimming, too. I rarely skip on the chance for a swim. Even the plague wouldn’t stop me from diving into this David Hockney pool.

Viva Maroc

December 30, 2017

Well, here’s a heavenly location for a party, under the shade of a big, beautiful tree, boujad rugs all over the ground. There’s a lamb stew on the way, and live music in the way of Berber, Gnawa, Hip Hop and Blues. Lanterns will be lit after dark, and guests (in colourful djellabas) will dance under the light of the silvery moon.

cucina direct

December 16, 2017

If there’s a kitchen I’d like to whip up a penne all’arrabbiata in, it would be this one. In fact, I’d cook anything in this kitchen. With it’s mismatched tiles, marble counters and Cycladic blue cupboards, it’s kind of my perfect kitchen. I need a big glass of wine, white apron and an Hermes head scarf and I’m ready to cook.

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