Swedish made

May 25, 2018

Here’s to checkerboard floors, gingham curtains and fresh basil in handmade pots. I love this little Swedish kitchen, so charming and bright. The wallpaper, with its palm trees and sailboats is pure holiday.

in the bag

May 25, 2018

We’ve seen it a million times, in glossy magazines and on Pinterest, the inside of a woman’s handbag. There’s a Vuitton change purse, a Mason Pearson hairbrush and L’Occitane handcream. There’s an iPhone, lipstick (Mac Velvet Teddy) and two pairs of sunglasses (classic and courageous). Mine is nowhere near as glamorous, and I’d hazard yours isn’t either. What’s inside the handbags of women who schlep theirs around like it’s a second home? Inside my bag, a navy blue Fjallraven Kanken that used to belong to my son, is the following: $15 loose cash; one ultra fine panty liner; 5 TTC transfers and 3 taxi receipts; one pair of thick socks; a scrunched up rain bonnet; a leather roll up case of pottery tools; My daughter’s sunglasses; my other daughter’s colouring pages; a ticket to RBG; a business card from a wealth management firm; a grocery list; napkins; keys; three cornflakes. This from Vice is pretty cool. And so is this book from research sociologist, Jean-Claude Kaufmann. Take a look at both. And then inside your bag.


May 23, 2018

Look at this beautiful bedroom suite designed by L.A. decor wizard, Mark D. Sykes. From the chinoiserie wallpaper to the tented ceiling, it’s all so rich and sumptuous. The linens, with their perfect scalloped edges, are divine. So are the Vladimir Kanevsky porcelain flowers. I’ll stay for a day or two, if I must.

add to cart

May 20, 2018

I am very much enjoying scrolling through the voluminous tops and high waisted pants over at Silvia Tcherassi’s online shop. The Colombian designer has a great sense of humour of whimsy. Just look at this polka dot romper and this fabulous high necked blouse. And look at the accessories. Who doesn’t want a handbag in the shape of a birdcage?

and the bride wore, Givenchy

May 20, 2018

“Resplendent” is how my friend Bianca described Meghan Markle in her Givenchy wedding gown. She truly was. I think we were all expecting something grand and frothy, so when she arrived, the epitome of modernity, restraint and elegance, the world over held its breath.

chaise athena

May 18, 2018

A pink chaise is a little dream of mine, and this one is pretty much perfection. I think I’d dress for the occasion, in a vintage kimono or a pair of high thread count pajamas, perhaps. And I’d need a stack of beautiful magazines, and a mint julep in a coupe. Can’t you picture it all?

princess story

May 18, 2018

I was only four, but I do remember watching Diana stepping our of her carriage in that exquisite ile flottante of a dress. It was the summer of 1982 and we were staying with my grandparents in Bermuda. I too could wear a tiara, and marry a prince one day, is what I, and billions of little girls around the world thought. My mother had worn a beautifully beaded tiara when she married my father in 1974. I wore that fairytale tiara –– at home, at parties and on playdates ––  until every bead came unstrung. Diana married a prince, and so might I. When I was eight, I moved from my Surrey nursery to the Greek school in London. Prince Nicholas was a pupil there, and on days when I got to school early, he’d pass my classroom on his way to his and give my ballerina bun a squeeze. I took that as marriage proposal, of course. Years later, I did marry a prince, just not one with a title. I’m not sure that my girls even know that there’s a royal wedding on the weekend, and they certainly don’t care about marrying a prince. But we’ll tune in, for sure. Royal or not, Harry and Meghan are a couple in love, and that’s a thing worth celebrating.

bag lady

May 16, 2018

The bigger the bag, the more we hoist around. Give your back (and yourself) a break and bring only the bare essentials. A wallet, phone and the key to your home would fit nicely into this adorable Zara cross body. And what about this darling gingham number from J.Crew? Go on, life’s heavy enough. Make it small, make it leopard.


May 15, 2018

Every year, on mother’s day, my friend Patricia receives a letter from each of her two daughters. She has a stack of about twenty of them, dating back to when her girls hit double digits. Some years it’s a paragraph, other years it’s ten. “I like to know where they’re at, what they’re thinking about.” Collectively, the letters form a beautiful archive into their lives so far. I mentioned this idea to my own children as we dragged our feet through Chinatown after swimming one day. “I don’t want any gifts, but I do want a letter.” Within two days, there were drafts all over the house. My son wrote, and re-wrote his three times. When Mother’s day rolled around, I received a sentence from Antimo, two sentences from Iole and a squiggle from Luma. It’s a start. Mother’s Day, like Valentine’s Day, often comes with pressure and expectation. It’s the forced show of love and gratitude that makes everyone cringe. Too much of it feels saccharine, and too little scratches at our insecurities. A letter seems like a fair request. And peonies are always a good idea.


May 14, 2018

A flat, wide brimmed hat may be the topper for summer ’18. I keep seeing them about the place. It’s the very opposite of the one I wore last summer, a whimsical straw hat, with a crown tall enough to double as a bucket. I like this flat roof, but not enough to buy the Jacquemus version. Instead, I’ll pop into Zara and give this one a whirl. Yes, if the hat fits, I think you’ll do nicely.

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