March 2, 2018

I went to a workshop yesterday hosted by artist and florist, Lauren Wilson. We learned about tulipieres –– a 17th century vessel with multiple spouts –– and we got to design our own arrangements using peonies, roses, miniature anemones, narcissus and parrot tulips. To play with bunches and bunches of fresh blooms is my idea of heaven, although a tulipiere is a little more challenging than a standard vase. While I appreciate restrained, simple arrangements, with so many flowers in front of me, I couldn’t resist wild and whimsical. I stuffed each spout with as many flowers as would fit, without cutting off  their water supply! It was exciting to see how each of us approached the vessel and choice of flowers. Seven women, seven interpretations of the tulipiere.

head for the hills

February 26, 2018

I love to see lots of natural wood in an interior, the more varieties the better. The beautiful Malibu home of Aaron Bruno, lead singer of the band Awolnation, stopped me in my tracks. It’s warm, light, airy and simple. With its farmhouse sink, open shelves and retro fridge, the kitchen is a bit of a dream, as are the spartan, sun-drenched bedrooms. Most of the furnishings are one-of-a-kind. California, dreamy.

sunny side up

February 23, 2018

My favourite Peony moment is a day or two before it loses its petals, when its wide open, and truly glorious. These ones here look like big, beautiful fried eggs. I’m not sure what these marigold pompoms are, but I love them. This is just the sort of wild and whimsical arrangement that I get excited about.





February 21, 2018

I’ve been flattened by flu twice this month, so I need to beef up my immune system. I’m starting with liver. It’s packed with nutritional gold, and I don’t mind the taste. At least I didn’t as a child which is the last time I ate liver. My Mum used to make it for us with a heap of wilted of spinach once a week. I looked up some recipes, but I think plain and pan fried is how I’m going to do it. Oh go then, add a few rashers of bacon if you must.

chez moi

February 20, 2018

I love this chic interiors at this Paris hotel, especially the palette of soft corals, teals and blues in the rooms. There are so many great hotels to choose from in the city, but this one seems to marry old world romanticism with cool, contemporary style. The bar looks pretty decadent, just the place for a Vermouth cocktail after the opera.


February 19, 2018

I had a dream recently that I was sitting in a restaurant eating off plates that looked very similar to the ones I make. ‘These could be my plates sitting at the table,’ I thought. It was a validating little dream. It happens often in the world that one sees something written, painted, invented or molded out of clay, and thinks, “that was my idea, I could have done that.” But an idea is only as good as what you do with it. It’s the doers out there that I so admire. My friend Bianca has just recently added my pottery to her online shop, bibelot & token which I am very excited about. My concern, which I expressed to her, was that without seeing and holding the pieces, buyers may be disappointed by what arrives in the mail. Confidence in ones work, especially when it’s out in the world, (a tiny corner of it, but still) takes time to cultivate. I was inspired by what Sarah Lazarovic –– illustrator, designer, filmmaker, author and visual journalist –– had to say in a recent interview for Be The Next Her. “I think one of the most important things is to not self-deprecate. It took me years to get the subtle self-diminution out of my system. Be confident! Your ideas are just as awesome if not more awesome as the man next to you, who probably isn’t apologizing for his work.”

French country

February 16, 2018

It’s been lots of textile rich interiors this week, but I couldn’t resist posting one more before the weekend. The eighteenth-century French country home of textiles dealer Susan Deliss is such a delight. It’s one room after another of beautiful colour and pattern. I love the warm apricot of the kitchen, the fabulous pink silk curtains in the living room and the mix of antique suzani and antique Ikat textiles in the bedroom. It’s a dreamy holiday home –– “It feels like a new house with an old soul. We did it for just us,” says Deliss. “Something that felt true and right.”

the longest shortest time

February 16, 2018

The other day, my friend Zelmira was sorting through old photos on her laptop and she sent me a picture of Iole and I just days after we came home from the hospital. It’s hard to wrap my head around the idea that the teeny tiny baby in the picture now has pierced ears and long hair and is upstairs lying on a bunk bed writing a letter to the tooth fairy. I read a blog post about the short term memory of parenthood and this line resonated with me; “I know that as parents, we are victims of some strange affliction which causes our children to always seem to have been the very age they are now. With the vocabulary they have now, and the athletic ability, and the emotional intelligence and you know, the haircuts. I look back at photos of my girls from only six months ago and it’s hard to imagine that such an age even occurred. It almost seems like my brain simply has no capacity to take on new information, new coping mechanisms and new crisis management skills without letting go of the old ones.”  I couldn’t agree more. Even in the chaos of it all, I still feel present. I can’t imagine forgetting a single detail. Time feels like it stands still just long enough to take it all in. But then it speeds up again, and before I know it, I’m swept up in the next stage. And because each stage asks so much of me, it’s hard to linger in the one that passed, or think too much about the one that’s coming. It’s the gift and heartbreak of parenthood, that we let go to move forward.

flash flower

February 15, 2018

I love this scene created by New York flower bandit, Lewis Miller. You may have seen his floral installations before. This one was created for Valentine’s Day using pink carnations from Tory Burch’s Fall ’18 runway show. She brought in 14,000 of them –– just imagine it! And that piles of them made it to the street where anyone and everyone could enjoy them. What a beautiful way to spread the love.


February 13, 2018

One of my very favourite fashion shoots is Richard Avedon’s 1967 Vogue editorial starring Jeanloup Sieff and Jean Shrimpton in Greece. The light is magic, and the energy between them palpable. This image here of the two of them in Santorini is perfection. I know this light so well. The colours, the textures, the warm wind swirling around them, it’s all so familiar.

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