luck of the draw

April 25, 2017

What a joy it would be to create a children’s book with illustrator, Oamul Lu. His drawings are charming and sensitive. On the road –– two, three and four wheeled vehicles carrying books, cantaloupes and flowers –– is a wonderful series, and so are these beautiful scenes of lone figures against the Icelandic country side. I love Oamul’s wooden sculptures, too, and look at his marvelous work for Google, Airbnb and Kinfolk.





All Dressed

April 24, 2017

I like an evening dress that works for day and night –– something that can be worn with espadrilles and lip gloss or heels and Chanel’s Pirate. Magnolia Antic has many such dresses to choose from. There’s this frock, with delightful splodges of orange and pink, and this one, that looks like vintage Ozzie Clarke. This mid-length leopard print would look as perfect at a daytime meeting as it would at chic nuptials. As for this modern day Eliza Doolittle, I want to wear it morning, noon and night!




April 21, 2017

These flower portraits by Steven Meisel are just so beautiful. They pay homage to Constance Spry, a famous British educator, florist and author. She created exquisitely grand arrangements for high society clients such as Cecil Beaton, and she did the flowers for the weddings of the Duke of Gloucester, princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, and for the coronation of the Queen. This is my favourite of Meisel’s homages, anemones that look like the prettiest and most delicate fried eggs.

starry day

April 18, 2017

If I ever get the chance to design my own loo, the tiles will lead the way. A bright blue hexagon would take us to a Greek island or to Marrakech, and these terracota tiles are taking us to Tuscany. And as for these Popham Design hexagonal stars, well, we’re off to the moon with these.



Post Impressionism

April 13, 2017

If Gauguin and Matisse shared a canvas, the painting might look something like this. I’m excited to have found Isabelle Feliu‘s work, so much so, that I won’t be able to resist these chicas frolicking in the pool. I love Feliu’s little pouches, particularly this red hot, Tunisian desert scene, and this iPhone case, inspired by Pamukkale in Turkey, is delightful. Vivetta is a line I adore for its whimsy and colour, so Feliu’s ode to Fall 17 may be my favourite. Oh but wait, how can I live without the pink shoes, graphic prints and magic of Delpozo?


April 12, 2017

The Water Babies, a film adaptation of Charles Kingsley’s classic book, is something I would love to watch again as an adult. The life inside the pond was so weird and enchanting to me. Terence the seahorse was a favourite character. My mother had a bath sponge in the shape of a seahorse that we called Terrence. And anytime I found a seahorse washed up on the beach (a rare sighting, indeed) I’d bring it home and name it Terrence. I find them so bizarre and beautiful with their spiny bodies and spiral tails. As bizarre and beautiful as my memory of The Water Babies.

Column A

April 12, 2017

This early 70s Givenchy dress, organza with raglan sleeves, is just the sort of thing I’d like to have copied in various fabrics. I find it so versatile and chic. I might choose a different neckline, a boat neck, perhaps, and a three quarter length sleeve instead of the full length. It belonged to Wallis Simpson, the Duchess of Windsor, who likely wore it with heaps of Cartier diamonds to a casual dinner for 40. I’d throw on Rebeca de Ravenel’s bonbons and a pair of chartreuse satin mules  and head out for wine and frites.

High Low

April 6, 2017

I have a wardrobe of lovely evening dresses, and too few opportunities to wear them. But this brave woman is a reminder that we don’t need an invitation to a ball to wear a ballgown. I love the mix of lamé with scuffed up denim and Vans. I’m not sure I’ve got the attitude to pull this look off, but I do like the idea of frocks in lieu of Spring coats this April.



Heart of Palm

April 5, 2017

Marc Ange’s Le Refuge reminds me of a Rousseau painting. It’s part of the designer’s Invisible Collection, created in collaboration with the Green Gallery. Because I have a penchant for pink, I think I’d select this beautiful dusty rose for my leafy oasis. Now where to put it? Ah yes, beside the bougainvillea, oleander and orange trees.




Tie me

March 31, 2017

At school, my friend Alina wore her hair in tight french braids tied at the ends with beautiful grosgrain ribbon. As my hairdos were a bit lopsided, I was always envious of hers. To this day, I love beautiful ribbon, and a grown woman who wears ribbons in her hair is all sorts of fabulous in my book. I’m not sure that I can get away with grosgrain around my top knot, but on a low ponytail, well, that looks super chic.


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