October 25, 2016

Every few months, I make my way through all the cupboards and drawers in the house in an effort to reduce the clutter. It’s a satisfying feeling to purge us of stuff; boots that were a good idea at the time, old spatulas, toys, magazines, bank statements and soy sauce that expired a year ago. For a few weeks after, I’m chuffed every time I open a drawer to seeĀ a tape measure, a phone charger and a ziplock bag of receipts lined up neatly among the kitchen utensils. But a month or two later, receipts and keys and cords are scattered everywhere and the drawers are spilling over again with lego, broken sunglasses and confiscated lollipops. The bathroom drawers are in a similar state, stacked with free samples I’ll never use, tubes of toothpaste with nothing but minty water in them and enough hairbrushes to open a salon. “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” It’s a lovely idea, William Morris, it really is. And I can certainly try to keep life’s debris in check. But to stop it all together, well, that would be mighty hard and frankly, a bit of a bore.








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