Dear John

April 30, 2019

John Mayer is the soundtrack to our life. I’m always a little sheepish to admit that. His songs play in coffee shops and dentist’s offices. His talent was, and maybe still is, overshadowed by prickish comments about girls he’s dated. His music likely classifies as easy listening, and easy isn’t complicated, nuanced or edgy. But we love it. We love him. And maybe it’s because he’s so damn easy to listen to. And maybe it’s because his lyrics, simple and honest, resonate with us. Jason appreciates his insane skill –– I gather he’s astounding with strings –– and I really like his lyrics, and how each album reflects a chapter in our lives. Your Body is Wonderland was our early years, before we had children. When we spent three-months in Greece, with a then one-year-old Iole, I used to run daily in the hills listening to Say What You Need To Say. Songs like Gravity, Daughters, and In Repair (Jason’s favourite) played on repeat. When our son, Antimo was born, I listened to the Born and Raised album a lot. Speak for Me is my favourite song on that album. Paradise Valley is home to Dear Marie, a song I’ve listened to over 1000 times, and which feels like a bit of an anthem. Heart of Life was the beginnings of Luma. And the Search for Everything album is us as a family of five as we drove through the Catskills a few summers ago. Needless to say, we’ve listened to I Guess I Just Feel Like a lot lately, and we’re waiting for John’s next track.


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