January 14, 2020

I’m not wild about orchids, but in the winter months, I’m drawn to their longevity. I can pick up a plant at my local flower shop that with a little water and direct sun, will bloom for us for months. Brassavola orchids, the ones with white or greenish flowers, are my favourites. Orchids are epiphytes –– plants that grow on other plants without harming them –– and I find this twist in nature so intriguing. Our nanny, Marilyn was telling me about her Filipino mother’s love of orchids today. She’s cared for the same two dozen orchids for almost a decade. “She plants them in the husk of a coconut, and hangs them from the branches of the tree in her garden.” After a while, the orchids discard the husks. They’ve tethered themselves to the tree’s branches. Marilyn took our orchid home today. It had dropped its flowers, and she was interested to see whether she could get it to flower again. A personal winter challenge, she said. An homage to her Mum. In the meantime, I stopped into my local flower shop and bought a small plant, with five delicate flowers on it.


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