In her Genes

June 9, 2015

In all the years of knowing Mama Jaan, it’s funny to me that I don’t know her real name. The matriarch of dear family friends, Mama Jaan (“Jaan” is an endearment that Iranians add to names of loved ones) is the only name I have ever known for her. Every year at Christmas time, she would leave her home in Basel and make the journey to Rougemont where both our families had a home. It was there that I first came across her creams, made by hand in her kitchen and given to each of us as a Christmas gift. With a recipe passed down to her by her mother, Mama Jaan –– full of grace and elegance ––  has used this cream all her life. Now, her daughter, Delara and grandaughter, Natalia are making and selling day and night creams under the name, Nadebala. Small-batch beauty is de rigeur, so the timing could not be more perfect. Plus, a product that is sustainable, contains only unprocessed ingredients that has been passed down over generations and was made with thought and effort in a kitchen rather a factory, makes us more inclined to use it. And if you’re still not sure, please look at Mama Jaan’s beautiful, glowing octogenarian face.



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