January 9, 2020

Japanese is beautiful language, made up of words that carry a very nuanced and precise meaning. Komorebi, is the Japanese expression for that strain of exquisite sunlight that filters through trees, and Yugen reminds us that beauty is not just in what the eye can see. Furusato refers to one’s hometown, less about provenance, and more about where the heart longs to be. This morning I learned the word, Nakama, a very good friend, or comrade, that while not related by blood, is your family. Jason was the first person that sprang to mind. I feel fortunate to have a small handful of Nakamas in my life, those people that weave their way into our inner most fibres. I also like the word, tsundoku, “the charming tendency of some book lovers to purchase and collect so many books that they pile up unread.” This makes me think of my dad, who has at least five books on the go at any one time, and still has towers of unread books around him. And Ganbarimasu, “I’ll do my best,” is a word we all should know.


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