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June 24, 2020

It’s a rite of passage to watch your youngest child ride away from you on two wobbly wheels. None of us expected Luma to take off on her first attempt. She flew. And fell. And flew. And fell. And flew. “It’s a miracle,” exclaimed Antimo, as he ran along side her. Given that both he and Iole spent a whole sweaty month learning to cycle at bike camp, it really is a miracle that Luma took off the way she did. “She was ready,” said Jason, who had spent a few days in our drive working on her balance. That’s the thing about being the youngest. You get to be ready. You get to do things at your own pace with none of the pressure that parents so often stress on their firsts (read, themselves). Luma will be six this summer, and the only reason why she’s even riding a bike is because she insisted upon learning to. She also has four full-time cheerleaders at her side. And that’s got to put a little wind in one’s sails.

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  • Kerry

    Yay for Luna! We just got back from our first REAL bike ride as a family (to Galleria Grocery Store at Bloor and Huron for popsicles) and are feeling the way she looks in your photo.

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