April 24, 2019

I remember my 30-something-year-old Mum skipping off to the opera in a pink satin moiré frock and black velvet pumps. I remember my friend, Polly wearing beautiful vintage lace to see Circque du Soleil at The Royal Albert Hall in the mid-90s. No doubt, I wore patent shoes and a velvet bow to my first theatre, and to this day, I love the idea of dressing up for such occasions. “The  audience was as much a part of the experience as the performers,” my friend, Rikki said today, as we lamented that people no longer get dressed up for the theatre. “The intermission was always a highlight, because you got to people watch, take in the outfits. These days, a lot of shows don’t even have an intermission.” The first time I took Iole to see a show, an oddball magician at a small theatre in the west end, we both wore dresses. We were so out of place in a sea of denim. But I wanted to instill in her this idea of dressing for occasions, putting your glad rags on to see someone perform. Today, it’s a struggle to get her to wear anything but leggings, but my hope is that she too will one day dress the part.

(Opera-goer during the break in the corridors of the Vienesse State Opera.)



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