May 10, 2017

Forget the food, the feast is in the flowers and fabrics. With a table setting this magnificent, you could serve boiled eggs and your guests would be happy. I’m wild about the mismatched plates and table cloths, and all those flowers are simply divine. More is more –– don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.



brand on

May 9, 2017

It’s tough to justify spending lots of money on cotton pants and tops and caftans, but as that’s my wardrobe from May to October, I’m willing to splurge on brands I love. Ace & Jig is my absolute favourite in this category, with gorgeous fabrics and effortless styles that take me from the beach to a baptism. This girl has the right idea with batik pants and an ivory lace smoking jacket. It’s chic and carefree, which is what summer is all about.


a room with a view

May 9, 2017

What a lovely kitchen this is –– the Farrow & Ball teal, (at least it looks like F&B) the herringbone floor, brass hardware and the double door glass windows. I like a kitchen where the appliances are hidden, and I always think of my friend Buket when I spot a sink window. “Dishes feel like less of a chore with a lovely view.” How right she is.


Montessori Way

May 5, 2017

“When you do things for a child –– tie her laces, wipe her bottom –– you are giving her the message that she’s not capable of doing those things for herself,” Iole’s Montessori teacher used to often say. “So what if she wears her right shoe on her left foot, the key is that she attempted to put on her shoes. One day, she’ll figure it out. And these tiny feats will feel like huge triumphs. Let them struggle, let them muddle, and let them bask in the glory of sussing it all out, one shoe lace at a time. ”

Modern Nomads

May 4, 2017

We watched a beautiful film called Given last night, about a family of surfers, (Mum, Dad, six-year-old Given and his baby sister, True) who pack up their island home of Kauai to travel the world. With Given as our narrator, we travel through 15 countries  –– Iceland, Thailand and Peru, among them ––  and see the sea, the sand, the poppy fields and the snow capped mountains through his eyes. We watch Given’s father, Aamion teach him to craft a spear and start a fire, to build a shelter out of bamboo and palm leaves, all the while sharing life wisdoms with his son. It’s all very idyllic and bathed in golden light. But with a curious, wanderlusting 6-year-old at the helm, that is just what it should be.

flower power

May 3, 2017

Author and bloom magician, Lewis Miller is back to creating stunning floral pop ups all over NYC. From random little streets to major landmarks, Lewis and his team are adorning the city with daisies, orchids, gladioli, tulips, carnations and roses. The arrangements are theatrical and joyous, and are no doubt making a lot of New Yorkers very happy. And that’s his goal: to put a smile on people’s faces. In celebration of Rei Kawakubo and this year’s Met Ball, a mohawk of Liatris adorns the Botero sculpture outside the Crosby Street Hotel. “Rei is such an icon and an iconoclast, and Commes des Garçons is a groundbreaking label that represents metamorphosis through design. We thought it only fitting to turn the cat into an avant-garde skunk.”


May 2, 2017

Yes to metallic marigold shoes, well-worn jeans, bomber jackets and shirts with a sense of humour. All this outfit needs is a fun place to go –– bingo, bowling or dinner with the besties.

Italian way

May 1, 2017

Run away with me on this soggy Spring day, to an Italian farmhouse in the heart of Umbria. Just imagine the meals that take place around this gorgeous oak table. And what a charming way to display jars of homemade tomato sauce. This double height master bath is stunning (the copper towel racks are heated) and look at the floor and fabulous steel beds in the guest room. And when it pours with rain, because even in Italy it gets gloomy and wet, this is where I’ll be.

New Romantic

April 28, 2017

A summer wardrobe made up romantic Thierry Colson tunics, kaftans, rompers and blouses is my idea of sartorial bliss. The high neck and billowy sleeves on this tunic is a dream, as is the fabric on this kimono-style dress. The clothes look great with oceans and castles and whitewashed cycladic walls as their backdrop, but I can see this dress anywhere –– even Loblaws.



April 27, 2017

There are so many things about Georgia O’Keefe that inspire me. When she moved from New York to New Mexico, her heartland, she taught herself to drive –– a rarity for women in 1929. I imagine her driving those open desert roads all alone in her Ford-Model-A, (nicknamed “Hello”) a couple of horse skulls and three canvases in the back. She used the car as a makeshift studio, folding down the seats and setting up her easel so as to avoid the harsh rays of the sun. ‘This afternoon, G. and I put on our bathing suits, connected the hose, and washed the Ford. Much shrieking with laughter and it came out shining like a new button,” wrote O’Keefe’s friend, Rebecca Strand to her husband back in New York. Here she is, in her mobile studio, shot by another great friend, Ansel Adams.

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