sail on

July 23, 2018

My only experience sailing a boat, was in the early 90s in Bermuda, when my Mum decided to put me in a whole month of lessons at the Dinghy Club. I’m sure she thought it would be fun, and that I’d learn a skill. It wasn’t fun at all, largely because I spent the whole month under a capsized boat in the Hamilton Harbour. I was a crap sailor, even though I have a certificate somewhere that states otherwise. When it came to taking my test, I passed with flying colours, thanks to my brother, who was snogging the teacher. The truth is, even in my waterlogged misery, I remember having fun. I liked the other children, all locals, and the rare sail I did manage, felt like a triumph. As a child who got plonked in many activities, and situations, that I did not always want to be in, I feel less awful when I do the same to my own sprogs. They’ll survive, and likely learn a life lesson or two.

Wider and wider

July 21, 2018

High waisted trousers, wider than the Mississippi river, yes, yes, yes! Course, I could never pull them off, but if you know someone who can, send this now.


July 20, 2018

If I ever make it to Nantucket, it’s this kind of chintz on chintz home that I’d love to stay at. Just look at those beautiful painted panels by Bob Christian. And the painted floor in the dining room, also by Christian. Hello canopy king in the master! And who doesn’t want to talk to wooden birds while they bathe?

red sand

July 18, 2018

I’ve seen red sand –– that beautiful, terracotta kind –– once in my life, and it was in Eastern Canada. There’s something rich and dramatic about it, maybe because it’s unusual. Is it sand, is it dirt, is it clay? This image here stopped me in my tracks. I don’t know where it is, but I want to go.

bold & Beautiful

July 16, 2018

Miranda Skoczek is a big on colour, Melbourne artist whose abstract work I really like. But if a high wattage canvas is too much for your taste, consider her homewares –– throw cushions and table cloths — that add instant colour and character to any room. Watch Skoczek’s creative process on this neat little video shot in collaboration with Design Files.

prints charming

July 16, 2018

I’m wild about the outfits the women are wearing in Roeqiya Fris‘ colour rich paintings. The play of pattern is divine. The Dutch-Egyptian illustrator says that, “Arab culture, nature, and fashion” all inspire her work. It’s a feast for the eyes. Have a look, or better yet, snap up a print at her Etsy shop.

step by step

July 13, 2018

I like a staircase with curves, sinuous lines, and soft edges. This one here is kind of wonderful, and so is this one. This staircase here is pure drama, and so is this one at the Hermes store in Miami. There is softness, warmth and romanticism that curves bring to a home. Plus. they’re so much more fun to slide down.

Aussie summer

July 13, 2018

Sarah J Curtis is an Australian designer known for her flirty hats and bohemian frocks. Take me to the party is just the sort of statement I like for my head. Pair it with this lightweight, linen dress and you’re ready for anything –– beach, barbecue or bateau.

she sells sea shells

July 11, 2018

One of my most treasured things, is a beautifully delicate Nymphenburg shell. It’s the perfect little vessel for fleur de sel or a diamond ring. The Nymphenburg collection –– porcelain plates, vases, animals and figuriness –– is made at the company’s original Munich factory using processes and techniques that date back over 250 years. Have a look at the work, it’s all exquisite.

mix and match

July 10, 2018

It was this bedroom that caught my eye, with its playful fabrics and charming antique bed. But the whole apartment is worth a peek. I love all the unexpected juxtapositions; the whimsical seat cushions in the dining room set against the graphic rug underneath the table. And what about all the animal prints scattered among polka dots, zigzags and bright coloured kanthas.

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