October 29, 2015

Even in a big house with lots of rooms, my brother and I still shared a room. I think room sharing among siblings is fun and endearing, but it’s also a brilliant daily exercise in compromise and negotiation. One wants the lights dimmed, the other wants them off. One wants the door ajar, the other prefers it shut. Some days, I go downstairs and leave Iole and Antimo bickering away (“I want the curtains closed! I want them open!”) only to find them cuddled up in Iole’s single bed when I check on them two-hours later. It warms my heart to see the love between them, and it impresses me that they are able to muddle through their differences. It’s in these situations that their relationship will grow, and that they as individuals will flourish, too. Patience, kindness and knowing when to hold your ground and when to concede. These are just some of the lessons that they will teach one another.






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