August 9, 2017

Like many of us, I have a love/hate relationship with social media, with Instagram, more specifically. I’ve always loved to take pictures, and filters let me venture beyond my talents. They help capture a mood or a feeling that is otherwise lost in the raw image. For example, Gingham is mellow and nostalgic, and it suited the lazy, retro fishing town vibe that we discovered in the Catskills. I’ve been using Clarendon a lot lately, because it captures the intensity and brilliance of summer. Valencia is my go-to –– it’s real life with soft edges. And that pretty much sums up what Instagram is for me, real life with very soft edges. There’s none of the chaos and mess. No sullen faces and spilt milk. It’s the images I want to share. There are plenty more on the roll, the unedited B-sides, but they don’t make it on to Instagram. That’s the piece I tussle with. Why edit? Why post at all? And I always come back to the same place. Instagram is a creative outlet, a place to share, and show off fragments of every day life with friends and family. Sure, I’m going to pluck the prettiest, most artful ones. And why not remember a holiday though a Gingham filter? Anyone close to my world, knows that that is what these images are –– tiny fragments of the whole. The blurry, the imperfect –– the filter-less beauty –– that is elsewhere.


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