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kiss the cook

July 30, 2018

My grandfather was a great cook. We’d land in Bermuda, where he and my grandmother spent half the year, and within minutes of arrival, he’d be in the kitchen preparing a bolognese. Chicken à la King served on vol-au-vent was another favourite. Oh, the butter! In everything! Two whole sticks went into his tomato sauce! For dessert, there was always a baked apple, slathered in more butter and brown sugar. All this was prepared in his signature plaid shorts, (worn way above his belly button) a sleeveless, white undershirt and an apron. And at the end of the meal, my grandmother would always say, “excellent PAM, (his initials) just excellent.”

bleu to well done

July 27, 2018

Say yes, to Matisse blue kitchens, that standout in a sea of white ones. Vases full of hydrangeas are always a good idea, and great, great Uncle Edward will look dashing in a gilded, antique frame. Charming on charming, don’t you think?

modern romance

July 26, 2018

This is a dream of a dress, from Madrid based dressmakers, Romencera. It would be fabulous for a bride –– but not exclusively for one. I’d wear this to something really special with orange lips and a brilliant shoe. Take a look at the other frocks, all so ethereal and unique.

room with a view

July 25, 2018

When you are staying somewhere this beautiful, you don’t need much out of a hotel room. This is fairly typical of Greek island hotels –– whitewashed walls, simple white linen, and a view of the sea. When we were in Syros in June, we happened upon a simple bed and breakfast right on Achladi Beach. There is a taverna ten steps away, and the bay is quiet and beautiful. I can’t think what else one might need.

and the bride wore

July 24, 2018

A crisp white shirt dress, full length veil, red flats and a wild amount of white anemones –– say yes to the dress. Truly, how cool is this duo. Auguri!

sail on

July 23, 2018

My only experience sailing a boat, was in the early 90s in Bermuda, when my Mum decided to put me in a whole month of lessons at the Dinghy Club. I’m sure she thought it would be fun, and that I’d learn a skill. It wasn’t fun at all, largely because I spent the whole month under a capsized boat in the Hamilton Harbour. I was a crap sailor, even though I have a certificate somewhere that states otherwise. When it came to taking my test, I passed with flying colours, thanks to my brother, who was snogging the teacher. The truth is, even in my waterlogged misery, I remember having fun. I liked the other children, all locals, and the rare sail I did manage, felt like a triumph. As a child who got plonked in many activities, and situations, that I did not always want to be in, I feel less awful when I do the same to my own sprogs. They’ll survive, and likely learn a life lesson or two.

Wider and wider

July 21, 2018

High waisted trousers, wider than the Mississippi river, yes, yes, yes! Course, I could never pull them off, but if you know someone who can, send this now.


July 20, 2018

If I ever make it to Nantucket, it’s this kind of chintz on chintz home that I’d love to stay at. Just look at those beautiful painted panels by Bob Christian. And the painted floor in the dining room, also by Christian. Hello canopy king in the master! And who doesn’t want to talk to wooden birds while they bathe?

red sand

July 18, 2018

I’ve seen red sand –– that beautiful, terracotta kind –– once in my life, and it was in Eastern Canada. There’s something rich and dramatic about it, maybe because it’s unusual. Is it sand, is it dirt, is it clay? This image here stopped me in my tracks. I don’t know where it is, but I want to go.

bold & Beautiful

July 16, 2018

Miranda Skoczek is a big on colour, Melbourne artist whose abstract work I really like. But if a high wattage canvas is too much for your taste, consider her homewares –– throw cushions and table cloths — that add instant colour and character to any room. Watch Skoczek’s creative process on this neat little video shot in collaboration with Design Files.

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