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September 30, 2019

I, like many, am overwhelmed by choice. I like a menu with five or six items on it, and a supermarket that doesn’t make choosing chickpeas feel like a task. Since we moved, I’ve lived with a small version of my wardrobe, and not once have I felt limited or without. On the contrary, I’ve found the focus freeing. In my pottery, I decided to work with only one colour, blue, rather than the rainbow of colours I started with. Glazes are complicated, and clay is inherently unpredictable. In simplifying my choice, I’ve given myself a greater chance of success, and created an opportunity for a cohesive collection and stronger personal aesthetic. I think about my children, any child, and how much more imaginative and resourceful they are with few toys (or a stone and a stick) to play with. It’s the paradox of choice. The more we have, the less creative we are. One day, I may introduce more colours to my process. And I may revisit that wardrobe of plumed scarves and bejeweled dresses. But for now, less is more.

barely neutral

September 27, 2019

If you have a moment today, please take a gander around the stunning, Palau de Casavells in Spain. This fourteenth building has been beautifully restored, and is now home to the Miquel Alzueta Gallery. It was this room below that caught my eye, with it’s high, curved ceiling and bright natural sunlight. The sofas look like caffè latte coloured sponge cakes.

staying power

September 26, 2019

My first Birkenstocks –– a brown, single strap –– travelled through Thailand, Laos and Vietnam with me.  I climbed mountains in them, rafted down the Mekong in them, and waded through the thigh high floods of Ho Chi Minh City in them. Somewhere in our photos, is a picture of me en route back to Canada, wearing my trusty Birks and thick fuscia socks. These days, I choose my Birkenstocks over any other shoe. And I have many. I’ll even throw wool socks on so I can wear them through the months of October and November. I’m excited to see how the brand’s diversified, and evolved. And if there’s any doubt about that, just check out their exquisite new showroom in Paris. The originals might not give a damn, but this place is sure to attract new customers in droves.

drawing from nature

September 25, 2019

Makoto Kagoshima‘s ceramic dishes, cups and teapots are delightful. His illustrations, sweet and sincere, bring something so special to each piece. They are applied to the clay using a combination of techniques, including rounuki and kakiotoshi. With its delicate heart-shaped leaves, this hot water jug is lovely, and I love all the colours in this flowery plate. ““I am always mesmerized by the intricate sense of purpose I observe within the natural world.”

right angles

September 25, 2019

Nothing like the curves I am usually drawn to, but this space, with all its angles and hard edges is really quite striking. I love the way the outside wall, looks literally, like an outside wall. Concrete is such a cool material, and the grey tones against the warmth of that honey millwork and rust leather cushions works so well. I don’t want to live here, but I’d gladly pop over for a fondue dinner.


September 24, 2019

One of the great privileges of parenthood is getting to relive firsts through your child’s eyes. The first snowfall, the first ice cream, the first swim in an ocean. “Parenthood gives you the first four years of you life back,” I read once. It’s kind of bonkers to me that in five years on this planet, Luma had never seen a rainbow until today. We stepped out of our front door this afternoon to go for a walk, and there it was, in the clearing rain, and late summer sun, a rainbow. Like a full moon or a lightning storm, rainbows never seize to amaze me. “Shall we go find the pot of gold,” she asked full of glee. “Oh, you’ve found it already, sweet girl,” I said. “The gold is in the feeling that we’re feeling right this second. It’s in the wonder and magic of it all.”

pool party

September 23, 2019

I love these pictures by Joanne Ho, of tiny bathers frolicking on what looks like a Greek Island. I like that they’re all wearing bright, patterned suits and that some of them even have pink or turquoise hair. There’s something so simple and idyllic about this work. It’s just the sort of thing we should all hang in our bathrooms, so we can drift off to warm and whimsical places when the cold is wearing us down.

stranger things

September 20, 2019

I bought an enormous sugarbush flower yesterday that looks like a pink sunburst on my dining room table. I’ve always wanted one, and the lady at the flower shop says it will last for ages, and that I can even dry it. They’re so weird and grand looking. I also bought some pink velvet flowers, weird and wonderful in their own right. Pink spikes and frills galore, The living room looks like a runway show.


September 19, 2019

“Okay” is one of my favourite words. It comes from the Greek –– Olla Kalla –– which means all is good. It’s my default answer when anyone asks me how I am. That’s not to say that one can’t be okay + overwhelmed, underwhelmed, chewing on gristle or fighting sickness. It’s to say, that even with life’s challenges, we’re O.K. Okay is above that line none of us like to dip below. And Okay is knowing, that even when we dip, we’ll come back up. There’s a great scene in This is Us, where the lead character, Jack, sits down at a car dealership trying to convince the salesman to sell him a Wagoneeer for much less than it’s listed for in the showroom. “Here’s the thing Mel, I don’t want to buy one of those used cars out there. That Wagoneer, that’s my family’s car. I can see it so clearly. It’s sturdy. It’s tough….. But here’s the thing, Mel. I can’t afford that car. Which is why I need you to help me. As parents we talk a lot about what we want for our kids. I know I think about it a lot….and I can come up with a fancy word that’s going to make me sound a whole lot smarter than I actually am. But the one word I keep coming back to is, okay. I want my kids to be okay, Mel. I want my family to be okay….. I see my family okay in that car.” O.K. Is something we can rely on. O.K. has its feet on the ground even when they’re not. It’s not too lofty, nor too humble . O.K. is golden. It’s experience. It’s gratitude.

next to naked

September 18, 2019

Outside of a brief interlude with tube dresses and Wonderbras  in the mid-90s, I have always preferred loose fitting clothes. My dream outfit is either a moo moo, or cotton trousers (with elasticated waist) and some large caftan over top. In the winter months, I’ve traded skinny jeans for slouchy chinos, and my woolies are mostly all oversized. Here, Bonnie Berman wears Gael de Boisjuzan and Kenzo. The photo was taken by Sacha van Dorssen for Marie Claire, May 1983. If not for the small issue of a cold spell, this would be my 365 uniform.

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