other world

February 1, 2021

Snakes, skulls, rabbits and peacocks; Bela Silva’s world is as beautiful as it bizarre. In one of her drawings, a two-footed fish, or is it an alligator, eats a bird whole. The sea underneath is mad scribbles of black and blue. And then comes her sculpture; huge, heavy, (it takes seven men to lift one) weird and wild. Nature is a central theme, and her vases look like they burst out of the earth, or from the depths of the ocean. Or from another planet, even. Tendrils, leaves, pods and petals are all glazed in glossy, garish hues. “In this digital world increasingly ruled by computers, where we are getting more and more disconnected from our emotions, there is a surge for reconnecting with nature, going back to the basics. People need that; it makes them feel good.”


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