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Queen Vic

August 5, 2015

Everyone knew Posh Spice couldn’t sing to save her stilettos. But it didn’t really matter. Beckham brought balls and attitude to everything she did. But from her side, I bet it felt as natural as her silicone boobs to do something, and be someone that she wasn’t. Which is why I love what she’s doing now. I love that she freely admits that she was a crap singer, and that in fashion, she’s found home.





Wall to Wall

August 4, 2015

My love of wallpaper dates back to childhood, when my bedroom walls were covered in tiny peach-coloured palm trees. I had a habit of scribbling on everything –– radiators, photo albums, floors –– but I never messed with the palm trees. Years later, my children’s bedroom is decorated with a wall of turquoise poppies designed by Tres Tintas of Barcelona. And so far, it hasn’t been sullied with chocolatey fingerprints or crayon. There is a roll of Mathew Williamson’s hummingbird wallpaper –– a gift from my mother –– that I’m saving for the tiniest powder room, and a lot of the papers from Bien Fait, (especially ‘The Wild”) would add whimsy to our walls, too. I’m pretty sure the palm trees are no longer in production, but this one from Cole & Son feels like the grown-up version.




Ride The Wave

August 3, 2015

An interesting piece in the New York Times talks about the genetics of dare devils, and how risk takers and thrill seekers are driven by their DNA. “In essence, the findings suggest that some people might have an innate, inherited need to turn to risky activities to reach ‘their optimal level of arousal.'”  The Australian motorbike stunt rider, Robbie Maddison springs to mind. The guy surfs the world’s heaviest waves on a dirt bike. It’s mind blowing, thrilling, and stomach churning to watch.






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