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lettuce patch

February 28, 2019

Dodie Thayer‘s lettuce plates are so familiar to me; did my grandmother have a set? My parents? Anyway, I really love them, and if I happen upon a set of bowls in some sweet little vintage shop one day, I’ll snap them up on the spot. In the spirit of Thayer, Tory Birch has released a soft pink lettuce dinnerware, including this charming teapot and this lovely pitcher. The latter is perfect for Pimms, Dahling.

home and away

February 27, 2019

There’s not much I don’t love about this short term rental in Shoreditch, London. Designed by husband/wife team Zoe Chan and Merlin Eayrs this place is pure escape. The home has a decidedly holiday feel, thanks in part to a palette that picks up all shades of sand, with strong hits of aqua throughout. The tiles whisk us off to the Mediterranean, and brass hardware adds a hint of luxe. Alright then, If you twist my arm I’ll move in. For life.

animal farm

February 26, 2019

Take a look at these photographs by local artist Maureen O’Connor of rescue animals –– porcupines, raccoons, foxes, crows and a moose –– shot in beautiful homes around Toronto. The animals look as comfortable as they do bizarre in these traditional interiors. Some, like the raccoon standing on a vintage kitchen table, are amusing, while others, like a deer looking out the living room window, are moving. I couldn’t choose just one favourite, which is why I purchased five at The Artist Project this weekend.

life is a beach

February 25, 2019

I’d be quite happy at this parasol, hot sand underneath my bottom, and a warm wind blowing about me. When I was little I spent hours at the beach. I loved the feeling of salt and sand against my skin; I loved the way it darkened to the colour of cinnamon. I could spend ten straight hours on a beach –– looking for shells, building sand castles, idling in the shore –– and never get bored. To this day, I love coming home with sand in my shoes, a small reminder of where I’ve been.

gentleman’s club

February 22, 2019

It’s a custom-colored tattersall by Ralph Lauren that covers the walls, but it looks like a bathroom tile, and I love it. I love the monogrammed linens, and stack of fashion-y tomes. It’s kind of nice to live with a Léger, and have a gilded screen to play hide and seek behind. Have a gander around the rest of Derek Blasberg’s Manhattan digs. It’s all so classic, yet cheeky.

creative bee

February 22, 2019

It’s not just Lisa Congdon‘s zany, high-wattage style that grabbed my attention; it’s how massively prolific she is, too. She’s an illustrator, author, teacher and speaker, and seems to wear every hat with aplomb. Passion, energy, talent, drive –– she must have all of these in bucket loads. Take a look at her shop; between her prints, pins, badges and magnets, maybe something will take your fancy also.


February 20, 2019

I was taken by these beautiful flower photographs, shot by Japanese photographer, Kazuma Ogawa. The Iris in particular, is so breathtaking. They come and and go so quickly, just a few weeks at the end of May, but Irises really are a grand and whimsical bloom. We have five or so in our front garden, and in a leafy garden, their petals feel like a gift.

party dress

February 19, 2019

What a delightful frock! My three-year-old daughter has dresses similarly celestial, romantic and I feel I must have one, too. The pink is so pretty, but I think I’ll look like the Good Witch of the North. Best go with nude. Now, what to wear underneath? A simple slip, or a white t-shirt and denim shorts?


February 19, 2019

The Fig House is a private event space in Los Angeles that hosts cocktails parties, weddings, exhibitions etc in a setting that’s playful and charming, both indoors and out. With its jewel toned velvet sofas and chairs, the lounge area is positively jubilant. And the garden –– think graphic tiles, mid century furnishings and fancy topiary –– is just as fun. The interior was spearheaded by designer, Emily Henderson. Here, she talks about the process of creating all the beautiful stained glass windows. Such a happy space.



February 16, 2019

Just for a moment, because it’s cold and slushy outside, and we’re paler than usual, and likely fending off a virus or two, let’s imagine ourselves belly deep in salt water, sun on our faces, and the prospect of an al fresco fish lunch ahead of us. Now, doesn’t that feel lovely? Thank-you Audrey, for always being a Roman holiday/ breakfast at Tiffany’s moment when I need it.

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