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December 29, 2016

If I’m forced to wear a winter hat, I try to choose a topper with personality. These bejewelled Jennifer Behr beanies are just what winter needs more of — bright colour, shimer and sparkle. I’m inspired to add vintage brooches to one of my old beanies like my Grandmother used to do with her sun visors. It’s an easy way to take the winter chapeau from drab to fab.


Turner’s Venezia

December 29, 2016

When I think of Turner I picture his seascapes –– brown, moody and luminous. This paining, of Turner’s Bedroom in the Palazzo Giustinian in Venice, has none of the drama of his seascapes but is so beautiful to me. I love the colours and the light and the hand-painted ceiling. The painting is part of the Tate’s collection and although it’s not currently on display, visitors can make an appointment to see this or any other artwork in the gallery’s archives. How wonderful is that? To enjoy a personal viewing of a painting one loves.



December 29, 2016

These are the days for hiding under a blanket with a good mini-series and a vat of homemade leftover Turkey soup. Make sure to choose a blanket that compliments your complexion. You never know who may pop in for a bowl of soup.



December 29, 2016

It’s at this time of year that my grandmother’s silver comes out, that we use our special plates and that I fill the home with clementines and red blooms. There’s something lovely about sitting down to a table cloth. It’s not for every day, but what a delight to dine this way from time to time. This is such a pretty Christmas setting –– red ranunculus and Moroccan tea glasses, and the smartest monogrammed napkins. Can I bring a guest?


Fairy Frock

December 25, 2016

If the sugar plum fairy is looking for a dress, I’ve found just the one. It’s Blumarine, and between the ruffled epaulets, billowy sleeves and the softest, sequin covered pink, I challenge anyone to find a more perfect fairy frock. There is a long version also, but a romper is easier to fly in. I do believe in fairies, I do, I do, I do.


Fish face

December 21, 2016

Once in a pink moon I’ll wear eye makeup, and by eye makeup, I mean a dash of mascara. But this look, I could get used to. It helps that this girl has perfect skin and a charming smattering of freckles, but hey, why not go out with a herring on your face?


Pre Fab

December 21, 2016

About a month ago, I had a dream about a prefab home –– a large space, light and bright with soaring ceilings and zero effort. It was off a dirt road, and the area felt rural, but with city life and amenities close by. I would need to learn to drive. I said to the architect on the project, “there is so much colour and print in our lives, that I want the space to be almost invisible.” I’ve always been a bit of a snob about prefab. Ignorantly so. December’s Dwell delved into the world of prefab with stunning homes that reflect the beauty, integrity and brilliance of prefab. “The allure of prefab is really about control,” writes editor-in-chief, Amanda Dameron in her monthly letter. “Control over timeline, control over budget, control over the site.”



December 21, 2016

It’s the feasting season, when we fill our bellies with rich cheeses, boozy puddings and potatoes roasted in goose fat. There’s only one way to dress, and that’s in an elasticated waist. I’m a huge fan of Ace & Jig, and these gaucho pants are my kind of trouser. Pair them with a shimmery top, and you’re ready for Christmas Day lunch.


mise en place

December 21, 2016

These floral still lives created by Russian photographer and art director, Ivan Knyazev are so delicate and lovely. They remind me of the wooden flower press I had as a child, and all the whimsical projects I had in mind to make. It’s a simple idea –– forage for flowers and arrange them artfully on paper –– but not all of us have the patience to see such projects through. Sometimes, it’s the simplest projects that are hardest to stick to, but the ones that reap the greatest reward.


Print Masters

December 20, 2016

When I think of master mixers of colour and print, it’s Dries van Noten and Kenzo that spring to mind. My Mum wore a lot of Kenzo when I was a child, and she’s worn a fair amount of Dries in the last decade. She has the right personality for both brands. “The number one rule of fashion is that there are no rules,” Dries has said time and time again. It’s hard to be original and free in your sartorial choices when you’re constrained by rules. These images from Russian Photographer, Olga Volkova Tuponogova are startlingly rich and textured in their embrace of print and colour. And anything that Stella Jean creates gets my vote. Now, there’s a designer who lets heart and humour lead the way. And of course, there’s Erdem, another master mixer. The fabrics, patterns, palette and mood of Moralioglu’s pre Fall 2017 is utterly dreamy.






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