glass act

May 13, 2021

Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s glass pitchers bring just the right amount of playfulness to the table. Her colour combinations –– pale pink and amber, teal and lilac –– are great, and the snake like handle adds pure whimsy. Beyond manners, which I think are serious business, a table should be light, fun and irreverent. Jacobsen’s designs are all three is droves.

pretty as punch

May 5, 2021

Is it rattan, cane, wicker? No matter, I love this chair. It’s a Southern version of a throne. This wallpaper, designed by Lulie Wallace (great name) is lovely, too. The whole aesthetic is what a Southern belle might describe as “darling.” Too darling for some, perhaps, but not for me.

Around and around

May 4, 2021

Facade decoration of a house in Kano, Northern Nigeria from PAUL OLIVER‘s book Dwellings: the house across the world.

A beautiful Gee’s Bend Quilt.

Hats at the Kentucky Derby, 1945.

Ornamental bells by ceramic artist, AYAME BULLOCK.

The colour rich zig zags of LARRY ZOX.

Designer INDIA MAHDAVI‘s jelly pea sofa.

A whitewashed home by Egyptian architect, HASSAN FATHY.

floor to ceiling

April 30, 2021

What a beautiful colour this room is. It takes a certain character to paint her walls (and ceiling) in such a bold hue. My guess is that we’re in Morocco, where aqua, rose and lapis are the norm. There’s something in the light, in the vegetation, in the overall mood and energy that welcomes bright colour. That pop of coral in the tufted love seat is the perfect companion to those duck egg blue walls.

what’s in a name?

April 28, 2021

Picasso, Cocteau, Di Chirico and Matisse; I see all these great artists’ influence in Florence Bamberger‘s work. Let’s begin with her name, because it’s fantastic. FLORENCE BAMBERGER. And the whimsical illustrations she’s produced for fashion titans like Hermès and Givenchy. She designs rugs and wallpaper, and most recently, has discovered ceramics. Her vases are truly fabulous, and just the kind of colourful, eccentric approach I am drawn to. It’s hard to imagine that these were ever lumps of mud.

around and around

April 27, 2021

Kings of British jellies, BOMPAS & PARR.

The extraordinary home of AXEL VERVOORDT.

AGNES VARDA dressed as an ivy bush.

Summer florals by CHRISTIAN WIJNANTS.

JESSIE FRENCH’s algae based bioplasic vessels.

CECIL TOUCHON’s abstract collages.

CHARLES-ANTOINE CHAPPUIS’ vases made from reclaimed linens and yarns. (They can be turned upside down and hold water at both ends!)

come on, play it again

April 21, 2021

You know when you fall in love with a song, and then look up the artist, only to find that the rest of the album doesn’t speak to you at all. That’s how I felt this morning when I landed on this beautiful painting by Belgian artist, Raoul De Keyser. The shapes remind of a school of fish, or a collection of pebbles and feathers. And the palette –– rust, mustard, lapis blue –– is warm and earthy. I love all the white space and the softness of De Keyser’s brushstrokes. This was the song I loved on an album that otherwise didn’t resonate. And that’s ok. That’s brilliant. We’re not meant to love everything one artist creates. And artists who try to achieve universal likability are doomed. Come to think of it, there are very few albums I listen to in full anymore. I think our walls and wardrobes, book shelves and playlists should be a pick’n’mix, a self-curated greatest hits.

Around and around

April 13, 2021

RINNE ALLEN’s ethereal light drawings.

LLADRO’s porcelaine rings.

Watch textile artist, CLAUDY JONGSTRA’S beautiful process.

KIVA MOTNYK’S gorgeous framed patchworks.

SARAH ELLISON’S Banda collection looks like striped shortbread.

A gourmet beach barbecue on Margaret River.

And below, FENELLA ELMS’ exquisite ceramic sculpture.

Tyler of all trades

April 9, 2021

“I need a lot of varied projects to empty myself out creatively,” says artist, Tyler Hays. Hays paints, makes furniture, ceramics and designs clothing and homewares all under the BDDW brand that he founded back in 1995. His Duchamp inspired urinals are the most beautiful latrines I’ve ever seen. And if not for the price, I’d buy twenty of his warm and nostalgic mugs. Hays brings humour and whimsy to his paintings. There’s a good amount of weird running through all of them. Odd little legs make this table feel like its part sea creature, and I think every home should be lucky enough to own an Abel Club Chair. It’s the grandpa of chairs. Have a look around, there’s so much to see.

glass act

April 8, 2021

Her work is marked by a sense of ornate lavishness, extravagance and flamboyance combined with eccentric deviance,” reads artist, Helle Mardahl‘s bio. Sign me up. Mardahl’s multi hued glass creations are like jewels for the home with colours such as violet, caramel apple, milky rose and dark grape. Give me a bon bon cocktail glass for my fresh raspberries, and this bubblegum pink vase for my sweet peas. I’m not always drawn to glass art, but this work blew me away.

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