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knock on wood

November 29, 2017

I came across the beautiful work of Ariel Alasko today –– spoons, plates, and sculptures hand carved from walnut and maple. What a gorgeous gift this charred maple bush brush would make. Alasko’s cutting boards, made from simple walnut or ambrosia maple, are what every home (and slab of good cheese) needs. And just look at these fabulous hazelnut spoons. Her Instagram account, entirely in shades of earth,  is really quite dreamy. And her dog, Mazie, is kind of lovely, too. Woof.


November 28, 2017

I’m a lousy baker, but I do love the look of these crispy cinnamon sugar biscuits. With a pre-made dough, I think even I could pull them off. They’re a lovely sweet to have handy at this time of year. Presented in a vintage tin, they make a super hostess gift, too. Cinnamon makes everything taste delicious. And tell me, who can resist a bite sized donut?


November 27, 2017

It’s taken all my life, but I’ve finally found a lipstick I love. It’s called Marilyn by Gee, and it’s a gorgeous coral red. I’ve worn it out to dinner, on the school run, to my pottery class, and even in the pool. Amazingly, it stayed on in the water. I felt like the women in my aquafit class who wear red lips, a frilly cap and a diamond ring to take a dip. When you don’t wear makeup, lipstick (especially a bold one) really does give your face a lift. My Mum never leaves home without it. I may now do the same.

Bow out

November 24, 2017

I very nearly bought a bow for my hair today, but it looked ridiculous in my top knot, and I’m too grownup for school girl accessories. An oversized bow, in black satin, I would wear. Yes, that feels feminine, playful and chic. It’s funny how a bigger bow makes a statement I’m comfortable with.

coffee & clay

November 23, 2017

I came across the work of Eny Lee Parker today, a 28-year-old designer and ceramist who is creating coffee tables out of glass and terracotta vases. To make the clay vase legs, Parker applies a clear glaze, sandblasts away the high gloss and then adds a coat of beeswax to richen the finished tone. “I wanted to use the potter’s wheel to create furniture, which was very ambitious, especially for the size of things that you have to throw,” she told the New York Times.

a loo of one’s own

November 22, 2017

I write about guest loos here often, mostly because it’s a small dream of mine to have one. I love the idea of a clean and classic decor, punctuated by an unexpectedly playful powder room. This one here is rich and sophisticated, and just the sort of safe haven I need when my house is brimming with children. Give me a glass of wine, and I’ll stay here all evening. Better yet, hand me the bottle.

Mighty Aphrodite

November 22, 2017

If a Greek goddess, say Artemis or Aphrodite, went to the Oscars, this is what she’d wear.  Lauren Hutton (at the Academy Awards in 1975)  in this rainbow goddess style Halston dress is pretty damn dreamy. The fur stole adds a wham of glamour. Not that this goddess ever needed it.

a pair

November 20, 2017

I came across these beautiful Claude Lalanne “Ginko” chairs today, and pictured how lovely they’d look at my dining room table. Claude and her husband François-Xavier collaborated on many creative projects. Where his work was large in scale –– birds, monkeys and bears –– her focus was on smaller, more intricate pieces inspired by nature. Now 93 (her husband died in 2008) the artist still works at her atelier on the outskirts of Fontainebleau. It’s her electroplated jewellery that I’m most enamoured with — gold or copper bracelets in the shape of lips, a huge sunflower for a necklace, and heaps of red currants or dragon flies dangling from the ear. They’re whimsical, surreal and utterly unique.

Textile me

November 17, 2017

Here’s my idea of winter whites. I love this look from Brooklyn based knitwear designer, Lauren Manoogian. It’s very Audrey Hepburn, no? Sustainable, minimal and ethically produced, Manoognian’s pieces blend effortlessly into any wardrobe. The capote coat is kind of perfect for layering, as is the gorgeously chunky beuys cardigan. My winter wish list just got longer.


November 16, 2017

Breathing life into dozens of bronze busts around Belgium, Geoffroy Mottart’s floral installations are a wonderful splash of colour and humour in the city. The artist has fashioned beards of carnations, fresias and daises, and fancy hairdos of hydrangeas, spray roses and orchids  for historical greats such as Victor Rousseau and Leopold II. Have a look — you’ll want one for your own noggin.

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