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August 30, 2017

I really loved Cathy Horyn’s story in New York Magazine about how flower farmer Erin Benzakein turned adversity into opportunity, and now runs some of the most successful flower workshops in the country. It’s very inspiring, as is Benzakein’s free flowing, natural style. It’s now a little fantasy of mine to do a Floret workshop. I’m also curious to dig into her book, Floret Farm’s Cut Flower Garden: Grow, Harvest, and Arrange Stunning Seasonal Blooms I don’t have a huge garden, but I’d love to see peonies, dahlias and sweet peas growing in it.

house on a cliff

August 30, 2017

There’s something about this house, in all its majesty, that looks like it could topple off its perch at any moment. To be sure, Cliff House has had a dramatic life, including numerous fires and explosions. These days, a very different structure sits on site, hosting weddings and Sunday buffets. But the drama and romance remains in the view, which is simply breathtaking.


Alice’s wonderland

August 29, 2017

If there’s a jeweller I’m most excited by these days, it’s Alice Cicolini. With such an eclectic range of influences –– from ancient Eastern traditions to Monet’s pastels –– it’s hard to not love her exuberant designs. Her temple Uzbek dome ring is pure drama, as is this exquisite tourmaline ring. It looks like a cocktail, or a Lalique vase filled with some magic potion. The mix of pink and yellow diamonds, white opals and a Tahitian pearl in this stunner is just divine. The meenakari enamelling under this chrysoprase is beautiful, too. With an endless budget, I’d wear two, maybe three a time. Why not?

Room with a view

August 29, 2017

I don’t think I could imagine a more breathtaking morning view if I tried. Just picture giving your gums a scrub to this sight. I don’t think I’d ever leave the bathroom.

Gal Pals

August 25, 2017

I am surrounded by brilliant women. Some live close by, others are an ocean away. Some run major corporations, others run marathons. Some have three children, others have fourteen chickens. Some make movies, others make soufflé. Some read the funnies, others read Flaubert. Some wear diamonds, others wear hemp. Some turn up with chicken soup, others bring peonies the size of a dinner plate. I am lucky. Laura Berger‘s work makes me think of my friendships, and all the support, love, humour and inspiration that comes from them. Have a look, they really are quite wonderful.


August 24, 2017

Few outfits beat jeans and t-shirt, especially when both are just right. Toothpicks from JCrew have been my go-to for a couple of years now, and I’ll never stop buying tees from there, either. I like the fit and the feel. Now, this t-shirt here, this is the best I’ve seen in a while. If I ever find it, I may never take it off.


August 23, 2017

Practice makes perfect goes the old adage. It’s actually not perfection that I’m striving for in my pottery, but rather functionality with a playful twist. To get to the point where I can confidently and consistently make plates that sit evenly on a table and stack neatly in a pile, I must practice, practice, practice. Once you have a good form, wonky rims and free flowing glazes only add character. It’s easier to embrace imperfections when something functions well, then they look deliberate, organic and charming. Imagine a structurally sound house with creaky floors. So this is my challenge right now –– to focus on better form, so that I can paint my pieces crudely, freely and imperfectly.

On board

August 22, 2017

Summer nights call for colourful suppers. If you can’t be fussed with the barbecue, a cutting board of delights is a lovely way to entertain. Pile on as many bright berries, figs, soft cheeses and charcuterie meats that will fit, and serve with heaps of bread and flutes full of Prosecco.  Now, that’s dinner made easy.


August 22, 2017

What’s with all the furry feat? A pair of alpaca slippers like the ones I bought at the Buck Brook Farm in the Catskills,  peut être –– but mink lined sandals, mais non. Holts has dedicated a whole window to the trend; five pairs from five major designers. I’d rather see a window of velvet shoes. Paul Andrew slippers, Aquazzura pumps, Prada mules –– yes, that’s a trend I can step into.


August 18, 2017

I discovered Laboratorio Paravicini today –– a Milano based ceramics house, that produces wafer thin porcelain plates adorned with safari animals, snakes, air balloons and vintage cars. My favourite collection is circus themed, with acrobats, tight-ropists and trapeze acts. It’s the perfect plate for a piece of cake. It’s the perfect plate for anything, really. The company is run by mother and daughter, Costanza Paravicini and Benedetta Medici. Do we not love those names?

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