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Pop Princess

November 17, 2016

They’re vulgar and gaudy –– whimsical and exuberantly colourful. One look at Ashley Lonshore’s pop culture inspired portraits, and it’s easy to see the connection to Andy Warhol. The “modern day Andy” has a wicked sense of humour and a fearless, in-your-face style that draws thousands to her gallery on a daily basis. Of course, Audrey With Peony Headress is a favourite of mine, but I do like Vermeer’s girl with a pearl posing as Wonder Woman. And Abraham looks like he just stepped off the Gucci runway.



All that jazz

November 16, 2016

I’ve always been a magpie for things that sparkle. In my early teens, one of my favourite party pieces was a mini skirt made up of hundreds of fucsia sequins. I’m amazed it survived as many fêtes as it did. In my late teens, I got pushed into a swimming pool on New Year’s Eve wearing a full length red sparkly gown. That dress did not survive. When I turned 18, my father took me to Whistles as a birthday treat, and we came home with two bags of bejeweled cardis, tops and dresses. Even after all these years, I still have one of the sequin tops and a beaded cashmere cardigan the colour of pink champagne. These days, this is just the sort of boho frock I’d like to throw on late summer, or mid-winter with a big woolly sweater.




November 15, 2016

Yesterday, we walked through Santiago Calatrava’s Oculus structure at the World Trade Centre Transportation hub. “It will be a lamp of hope in the middle of Lower Manhattan, creating an unbroken line of natural light from the platforms to the sky,” is how Calatrava described the project back in 2004. It took my  breath away. I felt like Jonah inside an enormous whale.





November 14, 2016

I’m not a fan of pumpkins, unless it’s the kind that turns into a gilded horse-drawn carriage. Next Autumn, I’m taking a leaf out of Martha Stewart’s book and spraying ours gold. Or I’ll paint it black. Because orange is never the new black.




November 11, 2016

Poppies are such a lovely flower. Every summer, they appear in my neighbour’s garden and I walk over to marvel at the beauty of their tissue thin petals. These photographs by Irving Penn are by far my favourite images of poppies. There is something so frail and fragile about a poppy ready to die. It’s really quite exquisite.







November 10, 2016

These aerial images of the ocean by Gabriel Scanu are really quite awesome. I’m lucky, that I’ve had the chance to swim in some amazingly blue and dramatic waters. As a little girl, I remember getting pummeled by the waves on Coral Beach in Bermuda. They felt huge and daunting to me. But the feeling was thrilling too, and with sand in my suit and water up my nose, I went back, again and again. These days, I’m a bit more of a wuss. But if given the chance, I’d still dive into any of these waters.




November 9, 2016

In the game of who’s coming to dinner, Iris Apfel always tops my list. And after listening to her speak in Toronto last night, I know she’d be a dream at any dinner party. Talk loudly and slowly –– she is hard of hearing –– and don’t bother with mindless, Kardashian chit chat. Avoid politics. Ask her where she bought her first pair of blue jeans, or which First Lady was most involved in re-decorating the White House (Pat Nixon). Don’t bother with selfie requests, just snap the pic. And if she compliments you on your outfit, smile, and tell her that you take inspiration from the fearlessness of fashion greats. She won’t stay for long –– she is 95, you know –– but half an hour is all you need. What a fabulous, sharp-witted, daring broad.




November 8, 2016

When I was about eight-years-old I met a magician who had the same birthday as me. Up until then, I’d assumed that I was the only person in the world blowing out candles on November 8th. Of all the people to share a birthday with! These days, I’m not one for fuss and fanfare on my birthday and I don’t need a big party or lavish gifts (well, If you insist). But, I do love the feeling of walking down a street of Autumn leaves knowing that it’s my day –– mine and the magician’s.



Kitty Cat

November 7, 2016

I’m not a cat lady. In fact, I don’t like cats at all. The only cat I’ve ever (sort of) liked was our family Persian Chinchilla, Mowgli. He was a real stunner. I don’t think Mowgli liked us much. He slept at the foot of our beds –– which was cozy –– until he’d dig his little nails into our bare feet. And when we’d go out for long stretches of time, not give him enough cuddles or forget to give him breakfast on time, he’d crap in the sink. He really was a beauty though. And although he wasn’t much of a pet –– in the playful, affectionate, fun loving way –– I think of him almost every time a cat saunters by.





November 4, 2016

I can’t recall the last time I wore sheer black tights, maybe 1993, under a satin puff ball skirt at Dominique Westaway’s disco party.  Polka dots, like the ones on Clémence Poésy are a lovely choice, and lace is pretty, too. Lace legs make me think of my Mum, whose skinny pins always look so great in lacy tights and black suede pumps. Go on, let’s give sheers a go.




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