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Clouds with a chance of sun

February 11, 2017

I know most people are disappointed when the sun doesn’t come out on a beach holiday, but I actually find overcast beach days the best. There is a moodiness in the air that I appreciate, and you can stay on the beach all day long. Full sun days are tiring, and when you have small children like I do, they’re also a pain in the arse. Sunscreen, heat rashes, sticky, sweaty whining –– you know what I mean. My dream is a burst of sun in the morning, clouds for midday and a mellow sun at golden hour. Yes, that would suit me fine.



Conversation Piece

February 9, 2017

Beyond the colour, which is fabulous, what I love about this sofa is that it can accommodate at least three conversations. Six people could comfortable sit in various poses and enjoy a tête-à-tête. You could sit face to face with one person, while surreptitiously listening in on another. There’s also the back of the sofa –– a perfect height for perching. And if the conversation turns to chit chat, just look out the window instead.


Dress Code

February 8, 2017

At a glance, this girl looks a lot like Stella Stenant –- she has the same aristocratic profile. I love the loose low bun, voluminous coat, large hydrangea print and pretty silk pumps. It’s all so elegant. And to think, this is how women dressed to go to the movies. My grandmother’s rule was no jeans after sundown. Even to an evening film, she would have worn silk slacks and a blouse. I had such a laugh when she called me from New York a few months before she died to tell me that she and a friend had gone out to dinner in the Meatpacking district, “and we wore jeans!”




February 7, 2017

When I was just a baby, we had a Scottish Terrier named McDuff. For a log time, I believed that all Scottish Terriers were called McDuff. It is a perfect name. It turned out that McDuff did a runner one day, and got hit by a train. Even though I don’t remember him, the story still makes me sad. After McDuff came Magnus the Great Dane. He also did runners ––mostly to visit us in the schoolyard –– but he never got hurt. It’s a shame the two didn’t meet. Magnus & McDuff –– what a pair that would have been.



Ufficio Style

February 6, 2017

If there was ever a time for a grey wool suit, Brunello Cucinelli would be the ultimate place to shop for it. This one here, from Spring 2017, is just what such a suit should look like on a woman; effortlessly chic. I’m not into the shoes –– I’d be in tan Chanel flats –– but I like how informal they are. And I love the pashmina and silk yellow tee. Yes, this is as close to office attire as I get.


Pink Rock

February 3, 2017

If you close your eyes and imagine sea the colour of an aqua marine, and chalky white cliffs speckled with the softest pinks and corals, this is Polyaigos. It’s a speck of an island in the Cyclades, just next to Kimolos, and it’s only inhabitants are goats. Polyaigos translates as “many goats.” I’ve been to Polyaigos by boat a couple of times, and it’s truly the most exquisite beach island you’ll ever see. This image here reminds of the rock, only I doubt you’d find sand this soft and fine.  Aphrodite in pink silk, however, you may find.




February 2, 2017

I came across this photo of artist, Rafa Macarrón in his studio and I was intrigued to see more. His mixed media canvases have all the colour, naivety and whimsy I look for in a painting. I see elements of Klee, Miro, and Matisse. I think his style would lend itself beautifully to a children’s book. “Through his colourful palettes and pseudo-cosmic narratives, Macarrón attempts to capture the world’s innocence, and the beauty and surprise of everyday life.” Take a look if you have a moment today –– his skinny legged camel and peculiar giraffe will make you smile.



Hippie Love

February 1, 2017

It was this beautiful pair of gloves that first caught my eye. And once you enter Bunnie Reiss’ world, you’ll find it hard to leave. From cosmic costumes to richly patterned quilts to murals adorned with peacocks and moons and evil eyes, Reiss’ universe is pure magic. Doesn’t everyone want a tent atop their car? And what kid wouldn’t go bonkers building an art fort? I’ll take one of her nature paintings –– Charlie Harper meets early Kandinsky.



Don’t Sweat

February 1, 2017

With the chilly weather well and truly here, please don’t forget the sweater dress. My friend Bianca was wearing one today, and it really is an easy way to feel feminine and chic while keeping warm. A good pair of woolly tight is all you need. I have an Orla Kiely one, that I wore in the early months of my third pregnancy. I don’t know why it lives in the cupboard. Expect to see me running about town in it a whole lot more.



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