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June 15, 2019

I was reading about the late, great antiques dealer, collector and trailblazer Christopher Gibbs this morning, and fell into a world of exquisite interiors, vintage djellabas, fine wines and star studded hippie parties. Gibbs died last year, but his place in 60s counter culture lives on. My favourite anecdote was from one of many of his legendary fêtes, this one for the poet Allen Ginsberg. Gibbs made hash brownies for his guests, including Princess Margaret, who ended up in the hospital with what the palace called, “severe food poisoning.” His home in Tangier (below) is so worth having a mosey around. Another world. And read his brilliant advice on decor and life over at House and Garden. ”I like things in their natural state — people especially,” he said with a chuckle. ”As life goes by, that’s what I admire. Objects and people that are unmonkeyed with, that are themselves, not trying to be something else.”

cotton club

June 13, 2019

Xirena is one of my favourite lines, made up of easy, colourful cottons that can take you anywhere. The line was created by Dierdre Roffoni, and inspired by the bohemian, beach town of Formentera where Roffoni spent many years. I love all the soft, floaty dresses, and simple drawstring pants. This tomato red number is most definitely on my summer wish list. It needs a large straw hat and matching red espadrilles.

spring cake

June 12, 2019

To all my baker friends, look at this wonderful recipe for strawberry rhubarb cake, complete with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. I love the tanginess of rhubard. It always reminds me of English school dinners, often served stewed with heaps of warm custard. Perhaps, you’ll pick some up from one of our local markets, and then have me over for dinner.

summer loving

June 12, 2019

Every now and then, I happen upon a designer who’s clothes make my heart flutter a bit. Copenhagen native, Cecilie Bahnsen’s romantic frocks, flirty blouses and girlie vests are so delightful. Enough that I’m already imagining myself in this dress all summer long.


June 10, 2019

My father-in-law and I were talking about cars the other day, our favourite cars. And without giving it much thought, I said that the Range Rover Classic is the car I’d love to drive, if I ever learn how. I’d also be happy zipping around in an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. But this morning, as I walked to the pool, I saw my absolute favourite car parked in my neighbourhood. The Jeep Wagoneer. It’s so old fashioned that it’s cool, and the wooden paneling reminds me of my Grandmother’s trusty Mercury. When she died, we had the option of driving it back from Palm Beach to Toronto, and to this day I regret not doing so. She was always encouraging my brother and I –– neither of us had any interest in driving –– to get a license. So, if one day I find myself behind the wheel of a car, I hope it’s a wagon, in homage to her.


June 7, 2019

It’s no surprise that I’m swooning over this headboard. It looks like my pottery! It’s so beautiful, and I’m now inspired to make a huge plate with this same wavy edge. Check back in two weeks!

swedish love

June 7, 2019

Much of this lovely Stockholm flat looks ready to be painted by a Dutch Master. I love the pendants and crockery and the soft pistachio green sofa in the kitchen. The dried flowers and vintage lace throughout, add romance and decadence. This feels like the home of a single, 30-something-year-old who sings and paints and hosts regular mid-week ice cream parties that piss off the neighbours.

hat lady

June 6, 2019

My sweet, funny, otherworldly friend, Maryam Keyhani hosted a hat party today to celebrate her latest collection of whimsical, straw toppers. It was held in the magical garden of a grand Rosedale home, with pink champagne on silver trays and boaters strewn from trees. A host of animals  –– two goats, three ducks, a pig and the largest rabbit I’ve ever seen –– roamed around in the late morning sun. Maryam looked like Marie Antoinette, only with a straw hat in the shape of a cake on her head. What was wonderful to see, was how each guest transformed as she popped a hat on her head. “Why do you think I feel like 22 women,” laughed Maryam, who is never without something sublime on her head.

plants and things

June 5, 2019

This house is wee, but packed with character and charm. The furnishings are pretty basic, it’s the art and the plants that give the space life and personality. I’m lousy with plants, but after seeing this I’m inspired to snap up a few green friends for our kitchen window. I gather spider plants are easy to care for. Let’s start there.

and the bride wore

June 5, 2019

My brain is blancmange, comme toujours, but let’s all say “AH” to Charlotte Casiraghi’s perfect little wedding outfit. Three bows are always better than one. And doesn’t she look just like her Mama?

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