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tourists, welcome

August 16, 2019

We spent the evening at our hotel yesterday, as it poured with rain, and we didn’t have much of an appetite to get in the car again. I love to sit in hotel lobbies, especially ones as stylish as this one. Enormous vintage mustard sofas, beautiful ceramics, candles and books on every surface, board games for the kids, an imaginative cocktail list and good food to fill our bellies. I dove into Nora Ephron’s brilliant book of essays, and poured over the pages of a huge hardback on Matisse’s cutouts. I can’t remember the last time I spent an evening this way. Such a pleasure.

top hat

August 15, 2019

Behida Dolic is a self taught milliner with a charming shop and studio in downtown Hudson. Some pieces are classic –– like the 1950s inspired straw hat that I purchased –– and others are more whimsical. I very nearly walked out with Dolic’s take on the traditional Vietnamese conical hat, and there were some shallow crowned toppers in sorbet colours that were delightful. Have a look at her dresses, too; they’re as romantic and playful as the hats. She’ll ship anywhere, but a visit to the shop is a real treat if you’re ever Hudson Valley way.

white on

August 14, 2019

I bought a sweet, white cotton dress at a charming little shop in Rhinebeck today that I see myself wearing a thousand times. It’s the kind of frock you can pop on with messy hair and flip flops, or dress up for a fancy summer fête. I love clothes that travel, versatile, and easy to throw in a duffel and go. This will be my summer go-to. That’s if I manage not to spill a glass of red wine in my lap.


August 14, 2019

We went to a lovely cafe in Kingston today and ate sunny-side-up-eggs, salads and grilled cheese sandwiches off beautiful plates handmade by Lail. It’s such an indulgence to eat good food off plates made by a local maker. I’d love to own a set of bowls in different colours. Tomatoes looked gorgeous against the lapis blue, and my mixed vegetable salad couldn’t have been prettier against the hunter green of my bowl. Now, just how many can I fit into the trunk of our car?

Let there be light

August 12, 2019

The house we are staying at in Rhinebeck this week, a modern riff on a clapboard, on a quiet street in the heart of town, has warm, mahogany windows everywhere you turn. There are no blinds, so the light comes pouring in at all hours of the day. There’s something quite lovely about waking with the sun, and tuning into the morning, noon and dusk light that each season sends. This house here, is designed by the Toronto architect we’re working with, Heather Dubbeldam. From the back, it looks like a modern barn, and the light that floods through is really quite amazing.

Chillies and saffron

August 12, 2019

We are exploring Upstate New York this week, and we began our road trip at the Letchworth State Park. It really is a pretty place, with acres and acres of trails and three dramatic waterfalls. As we climbed up to the falls, we came across three Indian women in saris the colour of spices. They looked so beautiful, and so out of place in a sea of gortex and New Balance trainers. I couldn’t help but snap a photo.

Scrunchie returns

August 10, 2019

It’s sweet, nostalgic, and reassuring to see our kids watching films that we watched as kids, (Three Men and a Baby) or noshing on cereals that we also loved (Lucky Charms). My daughter asked me what Koolaid was the other day, and today both my girls bought their first scrunchies. They looked pretty cute, the little one in her signature messy top knot, the older one in a low ponytail. I had dozens of them in my early teens, in satin, velvet and every coloured cotton. I even had a scrunchie to match my puff ball skirt. Paula Abdul, Demi Moore, Madonna, Julia Roberts et. al. were my idols. My neighbour, Jessica and her daughter, Phoebe were donning matching pink silk scrunchies last week, and looking cuter than cupcakes. I’m stealing the look. Let’s hope my kids are on board.

pleats, please

August 9, 2019

I love pleats. I love how they can be so tidy and tight, and how they spread like an accordion as you move. I have a pair of hot pink Miyake pants –– a gift from my Mum –– that I wear as often as possible. They make me happy. There is a matching top, in flaming orange that sends the whole look to Mumbai.

colour in

August 8, 2019

Certain colour combinations remind me of certain people. My Mum is rust and Klein blue. My neighbour, Alison is seafoam and dove grey. My friend, Zelmira is forever Schiaparelli pink and palm green. I think she wears lots of muted colours these days, nudes and greys and black, but in my head she is the colour of a watermelon. Look at this Rothko, it’s a great mix. And these Giambatista gowns.

market place

August 6, 2019

I came across this online shop today, Doing Goods, that celebrates all things handmade. Every item is designed in the Netherlands, and hand made by a family of craftspeople in India. These ginko salad servers are so pretty, and I love this snowy leopard rug. The textiles are gorgeous, and who can resist monkey candle holders? These are just the sorts of rarities one might pick up at a bazaar in Jaipur or Marrakech.

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