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walk man

October 17, 2019

My feet are my locomotive. I walk, a lot. There are details that you miss in a car. Graffiti on walls, flyers on telephone poles, the seasonal planters on people’s stoops. I bump into people that I know; a quick banter en route to the community centre, a smile and a wave from the other side of the parkette. I look at people’s shoes as I walk. The colour of their polish. Or I marvel at the way birds fly in those seemingly choreographed formations.  On some routes, ones I’ve walked countless times, I could tell you every word inscribed in the pavement. I know my favourite coloured doors, laneways, and murals. I know which traffic lights are slow to change. I’ve watched houses being built. And demolished. And trees lose their leaves. And produce blossoms. I’ve read the plaques on most benches in my neighbourhood. I’ve watched crabs scuttle through Chinatown. And raccoons leap out of bins. I’ve watched people kissing, and shouting and crying. I’ve walked so slowly, I’m barely moving. I’ve walked so fast, I am soaked through. Artist Maira Kalman puts it more poetically: “I walk everywhere in the city. Any city. You see everything you need to see for a lifetime. Every emotion. Every condition. Every fashion. Every glory.”

oh pair

October 16, 2019

Jean Royère is known for his polar bear sofa, soft and round, and boldly coloured. He designed the piece, nicknamed ours polaire, in 1947 while redecorating his mother’s Paris apartment. over half a century later, Ellen DeGeneres has one, and so Kanye West. It looks like the comfiest thing in the world, although my heart is firmly with this ridiculously playful pair of chairs. Maybe not as easy on the derrière, but what a dream to tête-à-tête in.

back to nature

October 15, 2019

It helps that we’ve had one glorious day after another, but on days when the air is crisp, and the light is golden, and the sky looks like someone painted it with one even shade of blue, there is no lovelier season than Autumn. I’m a city girl, but at this time of year, I really feel the draw of nature. And seeing as I don’t drive, the city’s ravines are the best I can do. Yesterday, I took my children (with much coercion, and some tears) to the woods. It was more twenty-minute leafy walk than woodland adventure, but I did come away with a fir cone and three twigs in my pocket. More importantly, we re-entered the city in much better moods than the ones we were previously in.

cabinet of curiosity

October 15, 2019

I love the cabinet in Mimi Thorisson’s kitchen. Nutmeg, all spice, starch, senna, cigars. It’s these charming, warm pieces that give a kitchen its personality. The pots, cake tin, dusty books, and vintage photo are all so lovely. I think all this works as well in an old French, farm kitchen as it would a sleek, modern space.

room to grow

October 13, 2019

Tiled floors, weathered walls, tassels, flowers and a chandelier. It’s these warm and eclectic rooms that make a home. They’re decorated over time, with thought and love. They tell a story, better yet, many stories. Yes. these are the rooms that homes are made of.


October 10, 2019

One of things I love about travelling, is the opportunity to bring unusual things home. I still kick myself for not buying half a dozen cheap-as-chips rugs in San Miguel Allende, or for leaving that hand carved mirror behind in Marrakech. When you’re on the side of the world, and you see something you love, buy it. One can’t be too practical about such purchases. This summer, we drove through the Hudson Valley and the Berkshires, and it was a fabulous ostrich egg that returned as our prized purchase. We found it at a Saturday market in Rhinebeck, and after much deliberation, decided to bring it home with us. We kept it in a cooler bag at my feet for the entire drive, and replenished the ice at every stop. One ostrich egg is the equivalent of 24 chicken eggs, a massive frittata, but my intention was never to consume the egg. It was the shell I wanted, drained of its contents, and displayed in a beautiful ceramic bowl. One drill, several straws, and many squeals later, the egg was clean. Trust me, your appetite for an omelette disappears when you see that much yolk ooze out of an egg. It’s a family jewel now. I admire it everyday.

home for the holiday

October 9, 2019

Good golly, look at this holiday home in Menorca! The tiles, the tiles, the tiles! I love all the curves in the ceilings, and the palette throughout –– dusty rose, rusts and moody blues –– is beautiful. There’s a pottery studio on the property, and a petanque pitch, too. Pine trees and hammocks are in abundance.

tea cake

October 8, 2019

Maybe it’s the name, Ciambellone, but I love this cake. It looks like a giant doughnut, so simple in its appeal. It’s a tea cake, so serve it as a merenda with a cup of Jasmine, or for breakfast with hot chocolate. My kids, who’s breakfasts and snacks are never so delectable would fall off their stools if this confection landed before them.

prints charming

October 7, 2019

There are some gorgeous finds over at online decor shop, Furbish. Think pink velvet cushions, (who doesn’t need one of those) bright suzanis and vintage rugs woven with every colour of the rainbow. I’m a little bonkers for this orange grove wallpaper, and what table setting can live without these periwinkle palms!


October 7, 2019

I’m always impressed with people gutsy enough to paint their kitchen in a bold colour. It’s where we spend so much of our time, so you’ve got to love it. This Melbourne artist, painted hers a zingy shade of chartreuse, Dulux’s Costa Del Sol, to be exact. I for one, am a big fan.

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