june to september

September 5, 2019

I love June. I got married in June, and gave birth to my first child in June. I love the spontaneity that opens up when school ends, and we lay in the grass, eat dinner under stars and run out for impromptu ice creams sandwiches at 9 p.m. I love that I can count on sunshine, and that my summer wardrobe, the only wardrobe I care about, is in full swing. After months of schlepping three children from swimming to gym to dance to playdates, I love that we have no afternoon commitments. And that really, we could climb the CN tower, or drive to Lake Erie if we wanted to. Just the possibility is a high. I also love September, because after months of spontaneity and lazy routines, and let’s be frank, a lot of whining and bickering and boredom, we all need structure. We’re craving it, as much as we craved spontaneity in June. We clipped thirty toe nails today, and washed our children’s hair, and sent them to bed while the sky was still light in preparation for the new school year. Two and half months is a long time to be away from it all. Maths. Recess. After school basketball. They’re ready. As are we.


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