August 14, 2020

There’s a Greek saying, “the first child is for you, the second is for your child.” The third, I’d say is for the whole family. At least, that is what Luma is for us. She is being raised by us all, and is the sum of all our parts. I had been ambivalent about having a third child, and not because I didn’t feel another baby in my bones, but because it’s hard to listen to the body when the mind is so vocal. The second she took her first breath, I let go of mine. In the weeks and months after she was born, I’d walk past a familiar tree or house and think to myself, last time I walked by this tree, Luma didn’t exist. What a different world that was. Suddenly, wooden benches and window sills, the Chestnut Tree in my neighbour’s garden, all looked different. Everything came into focus. “You are the sweetest story ever told. Of how light became a person.” It’s your Birthday next week, and we’re all anticipating the day as much, if not more, than you are. We have a scooter for you, and butterfly wings.

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