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March 23, 2020

“The best thing to do, is to stay home,” was my doctor’s advice when I hemorrhaged twice midway through my second pregnancy. I had developed a subchorionic hematoma, quite common in pregnancy, and his advice was strict bedrest. I spent four months in our small, sunny guestroom, a room that would one day become Antimo and Luma’s bedroom. With hindsight, bedrest was too strict a prescription; it put a massive strain on Jason, and meant me missing out on so many beautiful moments with Iole. There was no science to prove that bedrest would help my situation. Most of the time such blood clots resolve on their own by bleeding out or getting absorbed by your body. But all those late-night trips to the emergency (with Iole in tow) were frightening. And at the time, bedrest was all we could do to feel some semblance of control in a situation where we had none. Tell a woman to stand on her head, lie flat or fly to the moon to keep her son safe, and she’ll do it. I have never felt so okay about doing so damn little. In the situation we’re now all in, we do have the science. We know that staying home is the only thing to do. Here’s hoping for the gestation period of a mouse.


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