time for tea

November 28, 2020

With November, comes a return to drinking tea. I like herbal teas –– turmeric, ginger, rooibos -– and I often add a spoonful of honey. I grew up drinking tea. My grandparents started their day with a cup of Tetley’s, freshly brewed by the Teasmade. Three lumps of sugar went into my grandfather’s cup. At my Dad’s house, afternoon tea was an event, with silver tea strainers, porcelain cups and perfect little cucumber sandwiches. My mum always had a mug full of English Breakfast with her as she drove me to school. To this day, she makes tea before she’s even opened her eyes in the morning. It’s a cliché that the English pop the kettle on in a crisis. But the truth is, tea is warming, tea is nostalgic. Tea is home.

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