Off the wall

April 4, 2016

Our handyman, Rawlie would be appalled to see the sloppiness with which I hang a picture (bash, bash –– oops – there goes a chunk of plaster). Years ago, he spent a day hanging 30-odd pictures, plates and baskets on the wall alongside our staircase. It looks great, even with a few of my lopsided additions. I’m a huge fan of picture walls, especially when it’s not just pictures on show. A combination of mirrors, photographs, paintings, ceramics, records and masks is always a feast for the eyes. The key is your very own Rawlie to assemble it all.



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  • Kerry

    I’ve got a picture wall above my sofa (but alas, now Rawlie). When I was 17, I had a friend with a ridiculously cool family (i.e. in her wedding picture, her mom was wearing a giant purple hat) and THEY had a photo wall and when I visited their house that one day I was going to have a family like that, and while I didn’t get the hat, I did all the rest, and I’ll never get bored of lying on the couch and staring up at all the places/people we have been.

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