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July 29, 2016

The life of an acrobat is no doubt a grueling one, but the lights and costumes and magic of it all make it look so exciting. Last night, at the opening of Cirque du Soleil’s Mexican inspired Luzia, I was awestruck by what an acrobat can train his/her body (and mind) to achieve. Men in bird costumes jumping through hoops of various heights, Krzystof Holowenko’s eye-popping 360 degree swing, an extreme contortionist, and a juggler who turned seven silver batons into sparks of electricity –– it was thrilling. There was one woman in the cast that my eye kept darting to because she was so powerful, so graceful, and so deliberate in her movements. The contortionist was far creepier to watch, but again, the extreme to which he had stretched his body, was extraordinary to me. As far as cool professions go, acrobats sit high on my list. There’s something eternally childlike about the profession –– playground rituals on acid. I can picture many a four-year old boy threatening to run away from his brussel sprouts and join the circus instead.



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