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May 20, 2021

There is a wisp, often much more than a wisp, of everyone we know in us all. The sour faced neighbour who sweeps her porch six times a day, the fastidious co-worker who corrects everyone’s grammar, the flamboyantly theatrical uncle, the self-absorbed brother-in-law, the critic, the complainer, the over-achiever. If you dive deep enough, they’re all swimming in our waters. We’re drawn to people who are like us, share our values, beliefs and experiences because there’s comfort in the familiar. Our choices are validated when we see them mirrored in others. We’re also drawn to our opposites –– the yin to our yang –– because in them we find parts of ourselves that we rarely connect with. The safety girl loves a daredevil. Even people we think we don’t like, whose values and standards contradict our own, speak volumes about what lies beneath the water’s surface. In them, we find ways of being that we don’t allow in ourselves, character traits that we’ve all together squashed. A messy eater is the bête noire of a prissy one. But does some part of the latter wish she could devour a sloppy joe in one bite? We are multitudes, all of us. Arrogant and humble. Effusive and measured. Kind and callus. Sophisticated and base. Human.


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