Bag Lady

July 3, 2015

One day, when the contents of my bag is not snotty rags, sticks and crayons, I will return to using something other than a cloth tote. There is the Goyard in sky blue, the Prada in a light cornflower, and the perfect little vintage Pucci in enough colours to start a rainbow. And that’s just the start. My bag collection is vast to enough to open a shop. And yet, with a cotton pouch in hand, and a canvas tote on my shoulder, out I go into the world, everyday. That doesn’t mean I don’t window shop, mind you. These handcrafted leather bags from Strathberry of Scotland are definitely on the list of, ‘things I wouldn’t shove a dirty nappy into.’ They’re beautifully crafted, (some take up to 14-hours to make) simple in design and available in a variety of classic colours. Put my name on the list. I’ll be there in about three to four years.




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