Big, little moments

February 28, 2020

There are well over 150,000 words in the English dictionary. But sometimes, words won’t do. Some moments call for flowers, or a lasagna. Some moments call for a long silence. It’s not enough to assume that the other person knows that you are thinking about them. We have to act on those thoughts. And very often, it’s the tiniest of gestures that hold the greatest love. Jason remembering to buy the bread I like, is another way of saying, “I love you. I am paying attention.” It’s in the details. Let me do your laundry. Let me pick up your kids from school. Here, I saw these socks and I thought of you. When I miss my Mum, or I think she may be missing me, I send her flowers. I like to think of myself as a burst of colour on John’s old desk. Once in a while, my brother will text me the name of the song he’s listening to, usually a romantic power ballad. I do the same back. It’s a Beautiful Life, Billy Raffoul. It really is a beautiful life, so much of it, too beautiful for words.


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