clay, paper, scissors

July 12, 2022

There is something thrillingly simple about working with paper. For a few months now, I’ve been painting flowers, fish and fruit on heavy cardstock and cutting them out like a child would, jagged corners and loose, shredded edges. The paintings are loose and messy, with layer upon layer of colour. They are quick, irreverent and playful, and the perfect antidote to years of working with clay. With paper, I can make a vase in five minutes; ridiculously oversized handles, an explosion of colourful pattern, flowers bursting through the top. The faster I work, the better they come out. This is not the case with clay. Antidote, but also companion. I like to use paper flowers as props for my clay pieces. I like the way a paper bottle looks standing next to a ceramic one, the interplay between ephemeral and permanent, monochrome and multicolour, functional and ornamental. A whole bunch of them are hanging in the window of the wonderful Good Egg right now. If you’re in the market buying fish or a baguette, mosey over and take a look.


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