June 14, 2022

One of the many things I miss about working in a communal studio is the sharing of ideas. Inspiration for a vase is just as likely to come from a studio mate’s work as it is a conversation about Sicilian lemons, Berber rugs or toys we played with as children. Working alone has many benefits. I am more decisive because I don’t have anyone to deliberate with. I follow my gut. Working alone allows for more focus. I am more productive. But what is missing is that beautiful thing that happens when two, three, four creative minds work together to unleash ideas that would otherwise never see the light of day. To see your influence manifest in another person’s work and vice versa is truly satisfying. This communal Frogtown studio, home to artists such as Hilary Pecis, Lily Stockman and Megan Reed sounds like a dream. “Deep conversations happen, where we’re pinging off of each other,” says Reed, who makes gorgeous and wacky sculptures from styrofoam and Sculptamold. “That’s the joy of being in a space like this. I feel that electric energy.” In an ideal world, I’d have a combination of the two. A quiet little studio in my garden, and a bustling studio to go to. A girl can have more than one dream.


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