March 17, 2021

Some people’s chosen métier begins to constellate as early as five or six years of age. In this poignant short film, a ten-year-old boy in rural South West France, shares his dream of becoming of professional DJ. “In the countryside you can hear almost nothing,” says Benoit. “You feel free….. In my room, I hear nothing but rain and wind.” If he doesn’t make it as a DJ, Benoit says he’ll be a horticulturalist like his Mum. “Or, um … I’ll figure it out later.” The young boy made me think of a documentary I’d watched last week on Instagram’s Ian Spalter, and how his urge to problem solve traced back to childhood. Every year, on his birthday, Spalter’s parents gave him a blank bound book to fill with drawings and ideas. “Ian gravitated towards anything technological,” said his dad. “Whatever technical issues anyone had in the building we lived in, they would come to the door and ask, ‘is Ian home?'” The documentary is one of several brilliant profiles on the Netflix series, Abstract. I’ve only watched a few –– Platon, Ilse Crawford and Tinker Hatfield –– and what I enjoy most is seeing how the dots connect, seeing how early experiences weave their way into the creative process, and into who and what a person becomes. The path is rarely linear, but if you trace it, there always is one.


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