September 30, 2019

I, like many, am overwhelmed by choice. I like a menu with five or six items on it, and a supermarket that doesn’t make choosing chickpeas feel like a task. Since we moved, I’ve lived with a small version of my wardrobe, and not once have I felt limited or without. On the contrary, I’ve found the focus freeing. In my pottery, I decided to work with only one colour, blue, rather than the rainbow of colours I started with. Glazes are complicated, and clay is inherently unpredictable. In simplifying my choice, I’ve given myself a greater chance of success, and created an opportunity for a cohesive collection and stronger personal aesthetic. I think about my children, any child, and how much more imaginative and resourceful they are with few toys (or a stone and a stick) to play with. It’s the paradox of choice. The more we have, the less creative we are. One day, I may introduce more colours to my process. And I may revisit that wardrobe of plumed scarves and bejeweled dresses. But for now, less is more.


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