from a far

April 18, 2019

I was dashing along an Annex side street today, when I caught a glimpse of something that brought me to a halt. My daughter, walking home from the playground. There she was, leggings hiked up to her knees, jacket unzipped, moseying down the street arm in arm with her teacher and a little boy half her size. I bellowed her name, “Luma, Luma!” For a smidgen of a second she had no idea who I was, so engrossed was she in her other world. I watched her on her road back to school, blowing kisses from afar, relishing the entire minute that she remained in sight. We know our children so well, their every mood and whim, each and every  freckle on their cheeks. So, to see them out in the world is precious, because it’s a perspective we rarely get.


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