June 22, 2020

A number of people I know have either started, or added to an indoor garden in the last few months. My friend, Olivia has amassed a family of over 100 plants, several of which travel back and forth with her between her London flat and house in Norfolk. I’ve seen the joy these plants have brought her; the sense of purpose that caring for them has given her, and the satisfaction she’s gained through watching them blossom and grow. Plants are the embodiment of life, growth and progress, and surrounding ourselves with them can be rooting and lifting. If you have a moment today, have a walk through designer, Hilton Carter’s plant-filled apartment. His collection came out of nowhere, and multiplied gradually. “Ten went to thirty, thirty to sixty, and then all of a sudden, so many plants.” There is great tenderness and gratitude in Carter’s caring of his plants. “What helped me was understanding, really seeing and paying attention to a plant,” he says. “I’m not just bringing a plant in for the sake of adding colour or shape to a space. I am bringing life in.”


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